Translation of turf in Spanish:


césped, n.

Pronunciation: /təːf//tərf/


  • 1

    • Now we can't use turf for our fire, it has to be oil.
    • The nostalgic aroma of burning turf makes for a little scene from 50 years ago in any regular country kitchen.
    • The government had launched a campaign to increase the tonnage of turf drawn from peat bogs as a substitute.
    • In the month of September most of the turf and peat was harvested, as well as hay and silage, so most hay barns and sheds are full for the winter
    • We are depending on turf for fuel and the work is not easy but people do not mind.
    • The island had no trees and winter fuel was mainly turf, cut from a bog on the mainland.
    • As the layers build up, they form a thick crust of turf that is called peat.
    • The profit of turbary is the right to cut turf or peat, usually in order to burn it.
    • On school days the children s parents had to take turns bringing in turf for the school fire.
    • At points along the perimeter of the crowd local residents tended smoky turf fires and plied their trade of selling cups of tea at exorbitant prices.
    • Those who still use turf for their home fires have never had a better year to save the crop in the bogs.
    • Meanwhile, those who still use turf as their main source of fuel are having a bad year also with very little turf cut to date, as all the bogs are far too wet.
    • In the surrounding fields, peat or turf is still cut, including by our guide, for fuel.
    • One farmer was able to cut turf from his land where the peat had dried to a depth of one foot.
    • There was the most wonderful, bright, glorious turf fire.
    • I loved sitting and chatting to Grannie, while Cindy, her black Labrador, stretched out in front of the open turf fire.
    • Academics tend to be very territorial people, anxious to defend their disciplinary turf.
    • In some parts of the city there were regular gun battles over turf or drug deals gone sour.
    • Putting herself against these people on their turf with no weapons was too much to hope to escape unscratched.
    • Scholars engaged in this battle argue that they are not only protecting their academic turf, but preserving the life of their discipline.
    • Photograph your stunt in progress and upload to the site to claim your turf.
    • Each knew the other's gifts, each took care not to trespass on the other person's turf.
    • If you don't stake out your turf in other domains, a competitor might grab the territory first.
    • There's a powerful sense of entropy, particularly when you see nature struggling to reclaim an artificial area as its turf.
    • 1.1(grass)

      césped masculine
      • Unlike grass, the durable turf can be used continuously, providing optimal playing and practice conditions at all times.
      • Their magnificent white-painted trellised lychgate that provided seating for two had a classical roof grassed with turf.
      • Deer cropped the springy turf beside us, so close we could hear every snuffle and chomp.
      • Are its collective community and environmental values consumed or produced in the process of nurturing turf grass?
      • If you have cool season turf, you can reseed it now.
      • None of the three record-keepers tell you if a game is on a Saturday, Sunday or what day of the week and none tells you if the game is on grass or artificial turf.
      • Most established trees and shrubs and some warm-season turf grasses can survive extended periods of limited rainfall.
      • The bench area is 40 yards of turf or grass where the players sit and talk when they're not smacking each other upside the head.
      • The all-weather surface comprises artificial turf laid onto a rubber composite material, giving a realistic feel.
      • Lawn care depends on whether your turf is made up of warm- or cool-Season grasses.
      • The Old Course wasn't built, it simply evolved, a combination of scrubby seaside turf, wispy grasses, prickly gorse and rolling dunes.
      • Locals were out in force as they mowed their gardens, saved hay and footed turf.
      • Belle has impeccable credentials and good millennial numbers, but he is better on paper than on grass or turf.
      • She opened her eyes just in time to impact roughly among a sward of yellow-green grass into soft turf.
      • The shocking weather of the last two weeks has held up the cutting of turf as the banks are saturated and machines are not able to travel without damaging spreading grounds.
      • Playing on natural grass instead of artificial turf helped him stay healthy.
      • Most of the northern grasses can be affected, Perennial Ryegrass being the most commonly affected turf.
      • Sixty pigs, which Landis moves frequently to provide them with fresh turf, root around in a wide lot.
      • Fall is the season to plant trees, turf grasses and spring-blooming flower bulbs such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and crocuses.
      • But the surface is conventional turf, which Queenstown football people believe is ridiculous in their climate.

    • 1.2(British) (square of grass)

      tepe masculine

    • 1.3(artificial grass)

      hierba artificial feminine

  • 2

    turba feminine
  • 3

    the turf el turf
  • 4USslang

    territorio masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (lay turf on)
    (garden) colocar tepes en
  • 2Britishinformal