Translation of turf war in Spanish:

turf war



  • 1

    lucha interna por el control feminine
    • Ahmed's killing was just one episode of a bloody turf war between violent drug gangs supplying heroin and cocaine in Keighley.
    • They said the attacks were linked to a turf war between rival western bootleggers over the lucrative illicit alcohol market.
    • It's a ridiculous caper about the ongoing turf war between rival gangs of housewives who are out for blood, as long as the carpets have been Scotch-Guarded.
    • Rival gangs roaming the streets, engaged in a lucrative turf war over who supplies a population hooked on an expensive habit.
    • His good friend C Jay was gunned down here last July in a turf war between rival gangs after walking his girlfriend home late one night.
    • Up to 70 teenage tearaways from rival gangs are terrorising residents and business owners in a turf war for Hawkell, a councillor has claimed.
    • The feud is the result of a long-standing turf war between the two groups to control the North's drug trade and extortion rackets.
    • There was a fierce turf war between the news department and current affairs, which was born out of the old ‘talks department’.
    • The turf war for control of betting revenues in Australia's biggest State is turning nasty.
    • Over the past decade, they have been waging a violent turf war in Quebec with a rival biker group - the Rock Machine - for control of the state's billion-dollar drug trade.
    • From where I sit, the root of all of this is a simple turf war, and it comes from a clash of two cultures.
    • Police believe they were victims of a turf war between rival gangs.
    • The seizure will be a blow to the gang, which is engaged in a deadly turf war with a rival outfit in the area.
    • In 1929 New York, Bugsy Malone's love life gets complicated when he becomes involved in a turf war between rival gangsters Fat Sam and Dandy Dan.
    • We never regarded them as our rivals - they weren't in our league, and they never dared confront us in a turf war.
    • Detectives believe the four were the victims of a deadly turf war between two rival gangs who opened fire at the back of the salon.
    • A continuing feud between young Travellers and the local community is at the centre of the conflict, amid claims of a turf war over drugs.
    • It is a place where Action Man fights a turf war with Barbie.
    • The industrial action has exposed a turf war between unions at the mills, with workers from three unions involved in the dispute.
    • Where you have a boundary, you have a turf war; and if you erase the boundary, you lose diversity and competition, and with it the power of intelligent control.