Translation of turmoil in Spanish:


confusión, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtəːmɔɪl//ˈtərˌmɔɪl/


  • 1

    confusión feminine
    agitación feminine
    political turmoil agitación política
    • her mind was in (a) turmoil estaba totalmente confundida / desconcertada
    • his assassination threw the country into (a) turmoil su asesinato sumió al país en el caos
    • His party piece is inner turmoil, and he does brooding intensity better than just about anyone.
    • Far from bringing relief from emotional turmoil, success only made it worse.
    • The announcement came at a time when the stock markets around the world were in turmoil.
    • Every muscle is blown up out of proportion, yet there is no hint of inner conflict or turmoil.
    • It was a society in turmoil, one that resented its own fate and was trying to come to grips with it all.
    • As a result of these factors there is a strong possibility of some kind of financial turmoil over the coming years.
    • He would lie awake, his mind in turmoil, too active with the words of the professor.
    • It's a story with a common enough theme - the stranger who brings turmoil into our lives.
    • He believes they can survive even the current turmoil afflicting agriculture.
    • At the time it was painted, the Highlands were in a state of social turmoil.
    • If his ransom demands aren't met, he'll create armies of clones to throw the world in turmoil.
    • He's forceful and intimidating when necessary, but also convincingly conveys the character's inner turmoils and uncertainties.
    • Devoting seven years of one's life to something like this brings its own inner turmoil.
    • The decision about what to do next with Milosevic threw the Yugoslav government into turmoil.
    • Sitting on his bed, he felt inner turmoil about it again as he did on countless occasions.
    • His behaviour was totally out of character when he was in emotional turmoil.
    • The recent turmoil in the US energy market has created a unique opportunity for the new firm.
    • Would an American recession inevitably plunge the rest of the globe into fresh economic turmoil?
    • The redhead looked up and saw in Begbie's eyes an echo of his own inner turmoil.
    • Dunfermline are a club still suffering the aftershocks of financial turmoil.