Translation of turn in Spanish:


vuelta, n.

Pronunciation /təːn//tərn/


  • 1

    • 1.1(rotation)

      vuelta feminine
      give it another turn dale otra vuelta
      • a quarter/half turn un cuarto de vuelta/media vuelta
      • the meat was done to a turn la carne estaba hecha a la perfección
      • And that meant an extra turn of the screw in the Battle of the Church Chimes.
      • The answer is likely to depend on the political turn of the screw.
      • As I put the key in the lock for the final turn, my mother asked me if I was sad.
      • Lower the ram a bit and screw the seating stem down three or four turns.
      • Well, look at this term as a new turn of the wheel from which you could gain.
      • I need to make at least a 90-degree shoulder turn on the backswing.
      • A quick turn of the steering wheel ran the car into two barrels filled with sawdust.
      • I turned it in my hand, gave the flint wheel a turn and the flame came to life.
      • The engine stirred after the third turn of the key, emitting the guttural gurgle of a badly tuned rally car.
      • The turn of a key in the lock makes me jerk away from my heavenly memory and into my brutal reality.
      • Each of these turns of the wheel was accompanied by fear, persecution, suspicion, and anxiety.
      • Now it just the turn of key or the flick of a switch that gets us on our daily journey.

    • 1.2(change of direction)

      vuelta feminine
      giro masculine
      [ S ]no left turn prohibido girar / doblar / torcer a la izquierda
      • You wouldn't know where to start with a three-point turn if you had not been taught how to and had a go by yourself.
      • I found I could make quick turns without that uneasy feeling that the vehicle could roll over.
      • We're going to make a left turn or a right turn, a complete turn right now.
      • He claimed that he was making a three-point turn when Mr Darlington went in front of his car.
      • As you can see from the picture, there is not even any room to do a three-point turn, never mind a high speed stunt!
      • He hears the squeaky wheel of a grocery cart behind him and turns.
      • It can even increase brake pressure on the outside wheels when braking in turns.
      • It was called Snap because whenever a marcher turns, pivots, or stops he or she literally must be so quick about that it seems like they literally snap into place.
      • There are the car races and hand-brake turns, not forgetting the obligatory ghetto blaster.
      • Take two sharp left turns, forgetting wife's advice that sharp turns may indeed cause car sickness.
      • I had aced my emergency stop and my hill start, and we were on our way to do a three-point turn.
      • If it's a driving test you'd probably be better off concentrating on your three-point turn.
      • Again, the owner will probably get dizzy doing all these pivots and turns, but it's important to keep at it.
      • Jurors continued along the track, with Mr Latham pausing to point out a site where a car would have been able to make a three-point turn.
      • She gave an exasperated sigh as she turned the steering wheel to the right to make a turn.
      • Adrian made a sharp turn with his wheel and got around Aziza, leaving her.
      • Then he made a right-angled turn, taking his four-wheel-drive vehicle out over bumpy grass.
      • Manouvere-wise I can do a three-point turn but the car growls at me when I'm reversing and I don't like it.
      • German Stefan Zoll livened up proceedings for the last half-hour with a few fancy turns and swivels but his remarkable failure to pass did little to aid Pickering's quest for a goal.
      • We did hand brake turns and skids in an unbelievable ten minutes of driving, by a man who has been behind the wheel of rally cars for the past 13 years.

    • 1.3(bend, turning)

      curva feminine
      take the next left/right turn agarre la próxima a la izquierda/derecha Latin America
      • Nature speaks at the tide's turn, when all that drifts is gathered, going round again.
      • With 73 turns and a rise and fall of 975 feet, almost every conceivable dynamic suspension condition is encountered each lap.
      • That daunting task was made worse by plentiful leanings, curves, twists and turns.
      • Rogul led them through a maze of twists, turns, and secret passages.
      • But when they see the accuracy of the position, we will see the turn of the tide.
      • On the second day the action again tailed off much beyond the turn of the tide.
      • However, the tide of the war takes a precipitous turn, forcing Riley and his commanders to take drastic measures.
      • What's more certain is that when it comes to understanding knots, the road ahead almost certainly has more twists and turns.
      • The opening has signalled a turn of the tide for unionism in Australia.
      • This path has taken many curves and turns and at every point when there is a crossroad, something propels me in the right direction.
      • The road is filled with plenty of twists, turns and curves.
      • This week marks the return of an old friend, who comes to us now at the turn of the tide.
      • I know the road well so I know exactly where night-time leaves its sharp twists, turns and blind bends.
      • She had memorized the twists and turns of the path she took now.
      • Although it boasts the twists and turns of a single track road, it could have reached the same destination by motorway.
      • Kenny kept leading them around twists and turns and crazy bends in the road before they finally pulled up to a beautiful three-story house.
      • But the last two games have been pretty dire, and we are all fervently hoping that tomorrow we will see the turn of the tide!
      • Sabrina went through twists and turns of the secret passage way.
      • When we entered the city, it was all lit up with bright lights and the roads had many twists and turns.
      • We had to wait until next day and the turn of the tide to conduct the first dive on our newest wreck.
      • Then, as they approached the left-hand turn, he tried to get ahead, clipping the Ferrari.
      • Parenting, in all of its stages, is a path with mythic twists and turns - a spiritual adventure of the highest order.
      • At 56 feet long the vehicle should have had a struggle to negotiate twists and turns - but the sharpest of bends was taken with ease.
      • The image shows a straight road ahead with no turns flanged by cryptic road signs jutting out at strange angles.
      • The distance is less than seven miles as the crow flies, but is 13 miles by water, because of the twists and turns of the river.
      • This new circuit will allow for the testing of braking system performance in snow and ice conditions on sharp corners and twisty turns.
      • They have to be hauled during the turn of the tide, when the water flow is at a minimum.
      • On a tight slalom course, we found it stable under power but a trifle squirrelly under hard braking into a turn.
      • She imagined how charming it would be to meet a handsome young man around the turn of the path.

    • 1.4(change, alteration)

      a turn in the weather un cambio en el tiempo
      • they were worried by the turn of affairs les preocupaba el cariz que estaban tomando las cosas
      • this dramatic turn of events este dramático giro de los acontecimientos
      • events took an unexpected turn los acontecimientos dieron un giro inesperado
      • to take a turn for the better empezar a mejorar
      • to take a turn for the worse empeorar
      • a turn-of-the-century house una casa de finales de siglo
      • to be on the turn estar echándose a perder

  • 2

    • 2.1(place in sequence)

      whose turn is it? ¿a quién le toca?
      • I think it's my/your turn creo que me toca (el turno) a mí/te toca (el turno) a ti
      • you've had your turn a ti ya te ha tocado
      • you've been playing with it for ages: I want a turn! hace un rato largo que estás jugando con él, ahora déjame a mí / me toca a mí
      • you miss a turn next tú la próxima vez no juegas
      • you'll have to wait your turn vas a tener que esperar que te toque (el turno)
      • turn at sth
      • it's your turn at the wheel te toca a ti manejar
      • turn to + inf
      • whose turn is it to pay? ¿a quién le toca pagar?
      • she waited her turn to speak esperó que le tocara (el turno de) hablar
      • your turn will come ya tendrás tu oportunidad

  • 3

    • 3.1(purpose)

      this map will serve our turn este mapa nos servirá
      • the alliance has served its turn la alianza ha cumplido su cometido

  • 4

    • 4.1(bout of illness, disability)

      he had a funny turn le dio un ataque (or un mareo etc.)

    • 4.2(nervous shock)

      susto masculine
      you gave me quite a turn me diste un buen susto

  • 5British

    número masculine
  • 6

    (stroll, ride)
    paseo masculine
    vuelta feminine
    to take a turn in the fresh air dar un paseo / una vuelta al aire libre
  • 7

    jobber's turn comisión del agente / corredor feminine
    • Nearly all market turns show divergences between price and technical indicators such as momentum.
    • The turn most likely reflects rising import prices, a result of the dollar's drop.

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(to rotate)

      (handle/wheel/knob) (hacer) girar
      she turned the wheel to the left hizo girar / giró el volante hacia la izquierda
      • he turned the key in the lock hizo girar la llave en la cerradura
      • He lay in bed, feeling better and just waiting for the gears in his body to start turning and working once again.
      • Before Copernicus, medieval scholars solemnly concluded that the Earth couldn't possibly be moving and turning.
      • Inside, a large circular stone is rapidly turning and grinding dried corn kernels into flour, using only the power of the running water.
      • He waits several minutes before at last strolling toward the door, turning the knob clockwise and stepping through quietly.
      • The most striking design element of the atrium is the circular stair that turns 180 degrees between floors.
      • When you open up previously inaccessible areas by turning a lever or depressing a block, the camera unlocks its view from the character.
      • To tighten the chain, first loosen the two nuts that hold the bar, then turn the screw clockwise.
      • I was saddened to find sloppiness in the steering, so that at low speeds one has to nudge the wheel rather than turn it.

    • 1.2(to set, to regulate)

      to turn sth to sth
      • turn the knob to 'hot' ponga el indicador en 'caliente'
      • he turned the oven to a lower temperature bajó la temperatura del horno
      • We have to turn our minds and attention to the serious challenge about what to do about social conditions.
      • Afraid to look in her direction now, he sat up slowly and turned his back toward her.
      • She suddenly felt like she was going in a wrong direction and she turned her head and ran smack into a corner.
      • The appearance of a comet attracted Harriot's attention and turned his scientific mind towards astronomy.
      • At this, Colby turned his gaze upward in thought.
      • The horse gave the man one last fleeting glance before turning his head towards the direction of the forest and breaking into a gallop.
      • I turned my gaze upward, trying to concentrate on something else.
      • She scoffed his direction as she turned her head toward her sandwich once more.
      • After a week like no other, people turned a sad, wary eye skyward on their way to work.
      • Once May Day is over, direct activists are to turn their attentions to a huge arms exhibition at the end of the summer.
      • After William's death, Mrs. Morel turns her love and attention to Paul.
      • Several curious onlookers turn their heads towards the direction of the laughter.
      • I hopped up quickly, cautiously moving around, rolling my eyes in every direction, turning my head every which way.
      • On close inspection, you will see that butterflies have very large eyes, allowing them to see in every direction without turning their heads.
      • The old man turns his gaze directly across the street.
      • During the mating season, birds' attention turns toward nesting.
      • The scene between Kimberly and Gaines, where she tries to attract attention by beating on the windows and he lazily turns the gun towards her, was a nice moment.
      • Now he is turning his hand to directing a feature film for the first time.
      • Eventually, Zem turned his gaze upward, to the stars, thinking.
      • If you're like me and your attention is starting to turn toward home, this issue offers plenty of ideas.

  • 2

    • 2.1(to change the position, direction of)

      (head) volver
      (head) voltear Latin America River Plate
      she turned her back on them les volvió / les dio la espalda
      • she turned her eyes heavenward volvió los ojos al cielo
      • all eyes were turned on him todas las miradas estaban puestas en él
      • the nurse turned her onto her side la enfermera la puso de lado
      • she turned her desk to face the window corrió / puso el escritorio de cara a la ventana
      • nothing could turn the torpedo from its course nada podría desviar al torpedo de su trayectoria
      • a TV set stood with the screen turned to the wall había un televisor con la pantalla vuelta / mirando hacia la pared
      • can you turn the screen more this way? ¿puedes poner la pantalla más para este lado?
      • this turned her career in a new direction esto dio un nuevo rumbo a su carrera
      • The player turns the other two cards face down, and places the chosen card face up.
      • Life in America was turned upside down by the Wall Street Crash of October 1929.
      • I found myself turning a box of cards around so the Virgin Mary wouldn't have to witness me buying skeleton candy.
      • Bobby joined him not long after, having failed to market circular beach towels that did not need to be turned as the sun moved.
      • He displays the paired canvases side by side or one above the other, though he may add a twist by turning one of them 180 degrees.
      • The world, as the traditionalists see it, has been turned almost completely upside down.
      • Andy snorted again, turning the rag a different direction.
      • Will changes in tournament format and a move to the sport condition turn your regular game upside down?
      • Alex turned the paper several different ways, trying to figure out which way was up.
      • My whole life has been turned upside down and I just don't know what to do or think anymore.
      • Do up all buttons, snaps, zippers, etc. before washing and turn the garment inside out.
      • My world had been turned upside down and I feared that it would never be right again.
      • Our perceptions too of Gilbert and Sullivan are turned upside down, or perhaps right side up.
      • With a sweeping motion, he turns me to my side and pushes the top of my body backwards, draping it over his arm.
      • Now turn the pocket right side out through the opening you left in the seam at the top.
      • That same poll also depicted a city whose demographics had been turned upside down.

    • 2.2(to direct, to apply)

      to turn sth to sth
      • turn your attention to your work concéntrate en tu trabajo
      • I turned my mind to more pleasant thoughts me puse a pensar en cosas más agradables
      • she turned her interest to politics volcó su interés hacia la política
      • the administration has turned its efforts to … la administración ha dirigido sus esfuerzos a …
      • they turned the situation to their own profit sacaron provecho de la situación
      • the money has been turned to good use el dinero ha sido destinado a un buen fin
      • Philips, also a Fox contract player, appeared in a few more films before turning to directing television.
      • More and more cricket players are turning to commentary and journalism.
      • In the last few years of his life his interests turned to developing Shannon's ideas on information theory.
      • When film journalists turn to book writing, the result can be hilarious.
      • All these success stories have got many Indian Americans turning to film production, with finances in place or not.
      • He studied psychology at the University of Leuven, before turning to theatre and film.

  • 3

    • 3.1(to reverse)

      (omelette/mattress) darle la vuelta a
      (omelette/mattress) voltear Latin America Southern Cone
      (mattress/omelette) dar vuelta Southern Cone
      (page) pasar
      (page) volver
      (page) dar vuelta Southern Cone
      (soil) remover
      (soil) voltear Latin America Southern Cone
      (soil) dar vuelta Southern Cone
      she turned the card face down puso / volvió la carta boca abajo
      • she sat turning the pages of a magazine estaba sentada hojeando una revista
      • You can not help but turn each and every page in succession, until you reach the end.
      • As soon as the first page has been turned the author's shock tactics come out in full force.
      • The page had to be turned, he argued, in the interests of the nation.
      • If he had turned one more page, he would have seen all of the drawings I had done of him.
      • For more information on how you can help these charities, turn to page 2, or you can fill out the form in the Concern advert on this page.
      • I turned a few more pages, seeing the cast of characters and a few more illustrations.
      • Conscientious readers will find it slow going unless they overcome the constant temptation to turn to the references section.
      • The romantic comedy takes flight, and it is hard to put the book down until the last page has been turned.
      • It turns a very sad page in the history of this government.
      • He turned a few more pages and saw a pic of him and Emily which was taken at the Bacchanalia.
      • She turned a few more pages until she came across some recipes for low fat treats.

    • 3.2(execute)

      to turn a somersault darse una vuelta carnero River Plate

  • 4

    • 4.1(to go around)

      (corner) dar la vuelta a
      (corner) dar vuelta Southern Cone

    • 4.2(with numbers, to pass)

      she's just turned 30 acaba de cumplir (los) 30
      • it's just turned five o'clock acaban de dar las cinco

  • 5

    • 5.1(to tip out, to transfer)

      to turn sth into/onto sth
      • turn the mixture into an ovenproof dish vierta la mezcla en una fuente de horno
      • turn the cake onto a plate invierta el pastel sobre un plato

    • 5.2(to send away, to expel)

      to turn sb onto the street/out of the house echar a algn a la calle/de la casa
      • I couldn't simply turn him from my door no le podía negar ayuda
      • I turned a lot of junk out of the cellar saqué una cantidad de cachivaches del sótano

  • 6

    • 6.1(to transform)

      the shock turned her hair white el susto la encaneció
      • to turn sth to/into sth transformar / convertir algo en algo
      • time has turned resentment to bitter hatred el tiempo ha transformado el resentimiento en un odio amargo
      • they've turned the place into a pigsty! ¡han puesto la casa (or la habitación etc.) como una pocilga!
      • the leftovers can be turned into soup con las sobras se puede hacer sopa
      • she turned him into a frog with her magic wand lo convirtió en un sapo con su varita mágica
      • Lately he has taken up the war on cockroaches as the weather turns warmer.
      • With the weather turning colder, homes will have bought heating oil in large quantities.
      • If the weather turns dry raise the height of cut to prevent browning and scorching of the grass.
      • Just when my bikini arrives in the mail, the weather turns cold.
      • The rewards are so great these days, and guys are under pressure to turn pro earlier rather than later.
      • The crowd had turned ugly, and the police tried to stop him.
      • Beef prices in this country are down a third, and the weather has turned sour.
      • With the weather turning wet and decidedly cold, children and adults alike need indoor pastimes to keep the blues away.
      • We walked slowly towards my campus, when the conversation turned in the last direction I wanted it to.
      • I was gripping the steering wheel so hard that my knuckles had turned white.
      • This engaging picture book tells the story of a monster who is so ugly that when he looks at a blue sky the weather turns foul.
      • Dr Harding advised elderly people not to go out if the weather turns as cold as predicted.
      • On Saturday and Sunday I managed to sit in the glorious sunshine and turn a delightful pink colour, but that has now gone to a dark olive brown.
      • While nationwide blackouts should be avoided, however, localised blackouts are likely if the weather turns severe.
      • He knew his face had more than likely turned a deep red colour, but he tried not to seem put off by this.
      • It is good for a bit of a chuckle if the weather turns nasty this weekend.
      • Once the weather turned ugly for the final 15 minutes, Fremantle had no hope.
      • He walked down the street just as the slight drizzle turned into a moderate downpour.
      • Artemis simply smiled at her and she could see his face turn a slight pink colour, this made her giggle.
      • His green eyes once again turned to ice, so penetrating but empty of emotion.

    • 6.2(to make sour)

      (milk) agriar

    • 6.3(to confuse)

      (mind) trastornar

  • 7

    • 7.1(to shape)

      (on lathe) tornear
      (on potter's wheel) hacer
      • In 1993, at the age of 81, Gunnar made himself a wood lathe specifically to turn spheres.
      • When Jonathan was 12, he started turning wood on a lathe.
      • He will turn wood on a lathe and tend the museum's medieval garden, which has plants for household, culinary and medicinal use.

    • 7.2(in knitting)

      (heel) formar

    • 7.3(to formulate)

      a well turned phrase una frase elegante / pulida

  • 8

    (to make)
    (profit) sacar
    • The show cost its investors a socking outlay of $14m, but within 14 months they started turning a sinfully large profit.
    • To fill in spare time, he was devising new odds calculation programmes for football matches, which were turning him a neat profit.
  • 9US

    darle salida a

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (to rotate)
    (handles/wheels) girar
    (wheels/handles) dar vuelta(s)
    the key turned easily in the lock la llave giró fácilmente en la cerradura
    • it made my stomach turn me revolvió el estómago
    • the earth turns on its axis every 24 hours la Tierra gira sobre su eje cada 24 horas
    • my head was turning todo me daba vueltas
  • 2

    • 2.1(to face in a different direction)

      (person) volverse
      (person) darse la vuelta
      (person) voltearse Latin America Southern Cone
      (person) darse vuelta Southern Cone
      hearing her name, she turned al oír su nombre se volteó Latin America Southern Cone
      • she turned to face the audience se volvió de cara al público
      • he turned onto his side se volvió / se puso de lado
      • left/right turn! ¡media vuelta a la izquierda/derecha!
      • The beast turned a different way and tore up the hallway, many screams following.
      • She easily rotates her body, turning so she isn't vertical anymore, but horizontal, facing me and on all fours, her claws dug into the wood and drawing sap.
      • I shook my head, turning away from the body that she held limply.
      • He's very effective as a receiver if he has time to get his body turned downfield after the catch.
      • The prey very soon learns that just running away from the predator as fast as it can is doomed to failure, whereas turning randomly to move in a zig-zag fashion is much more successful.
      • The taller, thinner Lewis moves haphazardly, turning here and there, unsure where to go.
      • He turned from his position at the window to see which one of the three it was this time.
      • She led him to the edge of the pool then turned around so her body was against his.
      • I went down to the end of the road and turned left in the direction of the newsagent.
      • The man turns around from his position and looks down upon the face of the woman below him.
      • Give us your take on St. Petersburg as a whole and the first time ever that the IndyCar Series cars turned both right and left.
      • She bent down, picked up her cloak, and wrapped it back around her body before turning around.
      • As if out of body, he turned and picked her up, idly stroking her head before setting her on the ground.
      • Giving a fleeting look at his mother in the car, he turned and walked towards the dorms.
      • I opened my eyes and forced my body to turn just in time to stop myself from landing on my stomach.
      • Gia turned from her crouched position and took in the features of the man lying on the table.
      • With in-flight turns, first move your eyes in the direction the aircraft is turning - then follow with your head.
      • She quickly turned again to see nothing… again.
      • Chris brought himself to a sitting position and gasped, turning around to see her facing him.
      • Then he said the car turned towards the pavement but the driver appeared to change her mind at the last minute.
      • Giles froze and listened to Wes as he gave directions to Gunn to turn the boat and head back to shore.
      • The robber stole cash before making off on foot and turning left in the direction of Braintree.
      • He turned and used his body as a barrier between her and the ball, moving from side to side to try and get around her.
      • Slowly his body turned and he took a step forward, followed by another and then another.
      • They turned round once more towards Holme and drove slowly back to the spot.
      • Popo turned, and saw his black car turning left, headed towards one of the main exit highways.
      • The figure reacted as if she had transformed into a ghost, turning away and moving back in the direction they had come with considerably more speed than they had used in their approach.
      • He turned so his body was toward me and put an elbow on the tabletop, his head in his hand, propping it up.
      • Tim frowned, then shook his head and gritted his teeth, turning down a different street, changing direction.
      • With a twist of his body, Vince turned so that his left leg was now resting on top of the broken wall of stone.
      • The way the shape of her body changed as she turned and walked away.
      • Finn hadn't noticed that I was awake by now, so I just enjoyed my present position before turning around to face him.
      • Watch people turn round to see what's on.
      • My hips and body are turning faster, which knocks my timing out.

    • 2.2(to change course, direction)

      the army then turned north entonces el ejército cambió de rumbo, dirigiéndose al norte
      • we turned for home cambiamos de rumbo / nos volvimos, emprendiendo el camino a casa
      • the ship began to turn el barco empezó a virar
      • there is no room for cars to turn no hay lugar para que los coches den la vuelta
      • the truck turned into a side street el camión se metió en una calle lateral
      • they turned left out of Franklin Avenue giraron / doblaron a la izquierda al salir de la avenida Franklin
      • to turn left/right girar / doblar / torcer a la izquierda/derecha
      • the tide is turning está empezando a bajar/subir la marea
      • the wind has turned el viento ha cambiado de dirección

    • 2.3(to curve)

      (rivers/roads) torcer

  • 3

    • 3.1(to become)

      his face turned red se le puso la cara colorada
      • things were turning nasty las cosas se estaban poniendo feas
      • her triumph turned sour overnight el éxito se le agrió de un día para el otro
      • her hair had turned gray había encanecido
      • he turned professional se hizo profesional
      • Geoffrey Wright, naturalist turned politician Geoffrey Wright, naturalista convertido en / vuelto político

    • 3.2to turn into(to be transformed)

      convertirse en
      water turns into steam el agua se convierte / se transforma en vapor
      • she's turned into a real beauty se ha convertido en una verdadera belleza
      • the weeks turned into months and … las semanas se hicieron meses y …

    • 3.3(to change)

      (weather/luck) cambiar

    • 3.4(to change color)

      (leaves) cambiar de color
      • But when the air cools and the leaves turn, you yearn for something a bit more grown-up.
      • At Brangayne Vineyard, the leaves on the poplars are turning and there's a sharp edge of autumn in the air.
      • The leaves are beautiful and turning, but if you are stupid and young you can still go out without a jacket.
      • With summer now a memory, and the leaves beginning to turn, its time to prepare to put your boat away for the winter.
      • Autumn was only just around the corner but the leaves weren't turning yet and the weather still felt like summer.
      • The weather cools down, the leaves turn, there are new shows on Broadway, sweaters and coats in the shops.
      • No frost yet, so the leaves are not turning en masse; instead there has been a long succession of lovely sunny days and blue skies.
      • Most pruning should be done after the leaves turn, indicating that the plant is dormant.
      • The leaves are turning, it is a beautiful scene.
      • If I see plants with yellowing foliage I have to stop and ask myself why the leaves are turning.
      • As fall comes, and the leaves turn and swirl in colorful whirlwinds, we eagerly look forward to it.
      • There is a precious week here in the north, when the leaves have turned and have not yet been shredded by the wind, and this is it.
      • Leaves are turning and are providing us with a beautiful last blast of colour before they fall and disintegrate into a sodden mush of brown.
      • It sounds utterly inappropriate as the leaves turn, night draws in and Wales floods.
      • I find joy, not in the material things, or not in achievements, but just the fact that I got to see the sun shine or the leaves are turning.
      • Give the tree a good top prune in early autumn, just as the leaves are starting to turn and before it gets cold.
      • Go away from the city, sail the seas, and not a leaf would have turned by the time you are back.
      • We will even see leaves start to turn - they will have to, with nights as cool as those we've had.
      • Soon the leaves will turn and the ground will be ablaze with autumn's botanical fire.
      • I thought about flying then decided that it would be a good thing to go on a road trip in the Mini in the early Autumn, when the leaves are starting to turn.

    • 3.5(to go sour)

      (milk) agriarse

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