Translation of turncoat in Spanish:


renegado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtərnˌkoʊt//ˈtəːnkəʊt/


  • 1

    renegado masculine
    renegada feminine
    chaquetero masculine Spain informal
    chaquetera feminine Spain informal
    • The liberals deride him as a turncoat while the right tentatively seeks to claim him.
    • This apparent concession is a cynical manoeuvre aimed at saving the faces of any potential turncoats.
    • How many turncoats are there among law enforcement?
    • The turncoat's getting caught in his own trap.
    • Wells, a white captive raised by the Miami, was a turncoat who deserted his adopted family to join General Wayne.
    • Identity politics is volatile, and nobody likes a turncoat.
    • These tabloid turncoats wonder why the players don't like talking to the press.
    • Sainte-Beuve classified him as a cynical turncoat.
    • The profile of the defector, the turncoat, is that they repudiate everything they've ever done.
    • Who needs this party of turncoats?
    • You're nothing but a yellow-bellied turncoat.
    • The Tower is too good for such turncoats; their fate is to be cast into the outer darkness.
    • They've stolen our ground but we seem not to be able to take their's without becoming turncoats.
    • This bunch of turncoats couldn't keep a promise if it was locked up in a box.
    • I believe our great councillor before him would never have defected and become a turncoat.
    • Leave no stone unturned in the search for turncoats.
    • It took the cooperation of some high-level turncoats to catch the big fish.
    • Both are part of the same layer of social democratic turncoats.
    • They are cowards and turncoats who seek to work within a system that is morally bankrupt.
    • Redeem yourself or forever be consigned to history's judgment of political turncoats, renegades and saboteurs.