Translation of turnoff in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈtərnɑf//ˈtəːnɒf/


  • 1informal

    (sth offputting)
    it's a real turnoff te quita las ganas informal
    • It seems the habit has become the biggest single sexual turn-off for 18 to 35-year-olds in the South West.
    • His crooked yellow teeth are a complete turn-off.
    • His false bravado is an instant turn-off for her.
    • Site counters are normally a turn-off for me - along with all the advertising buttons and webring code that people put on their home pages - but this site has a rather clever musical one.
  • 2

    salida feminine
    • The main protest group, from interstate, was permitted to camp on Crown Land near the turn-off of Hatt Road, which leads to the base, from the Stuart Highway.
    • From there, join the A66, staying on the road until the turn-off for the A135 / Yarm appears.
    • The three-vehicle smash, on the southbound carriageway between the A127 turn-off and junction 30 at Lakeside, claimed the life of a driver from Grays.
    • A little way along the A35, approaching the Redbridge turn-off, the two lanes merged into one.
    • Cars are just about coming to a halt as they crawl along the bit of road near the turn-off to Thorburn Terrace.
    • There are quite a few turn-offs along that road.
    • Officers set up diversions at the A1 roundabout, the nearby Hessay turn-off and the junction of the A59 with the York ring road.
    • Police in New Zealand say he may have become lost and missed the turn-off to a shelter he was due to spend the night in.
    • Signage on roads is terrible - coming just after you've missed the turn-off.
    • A player informed me that he missed his turn-off on the M25 and had to go all the way round again.
    • Cal drove to work, nearly missing the turn-off into the gym.
    • It is gratifying to know that I provided much amusement to motorists as I attempted to tack my way to the Milner Road turn-off.
    • From the turn-off to the Bulugha River mouth, the road continues past the turn-off to Cintsa West.
    • Eversham was behind the wheel of his Rover when the accident happened as he was moving up behind a Mercedes on the B4632 Broadway to Cheltenham road near the Laverton turn-off.
    • Coming up to the roundabout at the turn-off for Cheltenham, there was a large yellow warning sign: ‘Low Bridge Ahead’.
    • He glanced up in time to see his own turn-off, but some synapse failed to fire, and he drove right on past it.
    • A little further south a turn-off from the Interstate is signposted to the ‘Trail of Purple Hearts’.
    • The accident happened near a turn-off for Halton East and the village of Embsay, near Skipton, where the family lives.
    • The turn-off should be around here somewhere.
    • She drove out into the street and on to the main road, where she traveled to the turn-off and parked a few minutes later.