Translation of turnover in Spanish:


facturación, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈtəːnəʊvə//ˈtərnˌoʊvər/


  • 1

    • 1.1(volume)

      (of business) facturación feminine
      (of sales) facturación feminine
      (of sales) volumen de ventas masculine

    • 1.2(of stock)

      rotación feminine
      • Sometimes shops cut prices in the interest of increased turnover.
      • They are packed in ice and the brisk turnover means they sell freshly and deliciously.
      • The inventory turnover ratio measures how quickly inventory is sold and replaced each year.

    • 1.3(of staff)

      movimiento masculine
      renovación feminine
      • It has a 8,000-strong workforce and an annual turnover of around £750 million.
      • Staff turnover is low, with several employees having served for more than 25 years.
      • The frequent turnover on pastoral staffs led churches to experience upheaval and decline.
      • Staff turnover in banking has been very high over the past three years because of the skills shortage and the surge in career choices.
      • Staff turnover is low compared with some agencies and employees enjoy benefits such as free fruit, a nail bar and gym membership.
      • Because of the nature of the work in contact centres, there is often a high turnover in staff.
      • The company operates in a business sector notorious for high staff turnover, with employees often switching agencies or wanting to do their own thing.
      • Indian graduates will not always aspire to work in an industry that employs school-leavers in the West, resulting in a high turnover of staff and a potential slump in productivity.
      • With a high turnover of staff in restaurants, the system excels by being simple to use.
      • Staff turnover has remained fairly low, fostering the program's capacity to develop lasting relationships with parents and children.
      • Employee turnover rates appeared to hold steady through 2002, the restaurant association says.
      • Candidates who accept the position should have a lower turnover rate than similar employees sourced using alternative sources.
      • Although there are no official statistics, the turnover rate of staff in low-skilled jobs in the Civil Service is believed to be quite high.
      • Our staff turnover rate is in single figures, which is incredible for our sector.
      • According to the manager, the staff turnover or ‘churn rate’ is about 1 percent.
      • In these firms' U.S. and Canadian operations, employment relations are typically far less stable, with much more frequent turnover of staff.
      • The annual turnover of staff in fast food restaurants is often close to 100%.
      • The company employs 160 staff and had a turnover last year of €52.5 million.
      • Staff turnover has dropped dramatically, as fewer consultants leave to take up new jobs.
      • One former employee said that the company had expanded way ahead of its requirements and had a high staff turnover because of employee dissatisfaction.

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    empanada feminine Latin America
    empanadilla feminine Spain
  • 3US

    pérdida del balón feminine
    pérdida de la pelota feminine