Translation of turquoise in Spanish:


turquesa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtərˌk(w)ɔɪz//ˈtəːkwɔɪz//ˈtəːkwɑːz/


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    turquesa feminine
    • This site is one of the four recognized commercial turquoise deposits in Colorado.
    • She was wearing baggy black drawstring pants, a maroon sweater, and turquoise jewelry.
    • Their lands are known for delicate gold work and abundance of gemstones, especially turquoise.
    • He has long, black braids and wears a large silver bracelet with turquoise.
    • Slipping on a matching chunky turquoise bangle, she walked out into the hall.
    • It is the kind of restaurant that requires you to wear a black polo neck, and lots of big, turquoise jewellery.
    • The mine attracted notice because of the discovery of turquoise crystals.
    • Some jewels, such as turquoise, traditionally had a sacred value, beyond adornment.
    • Each exquisite creation is studded with semi precious stones like turquoise, amethyst, pearls and corals.
    • Precious stones like turquoise and lapis lazuli came from the West and silk from China via Central Asia.
    • Rhoda had gotten her a pair of dangly earrings with tiny clunky turquoise chunks hanging from it.
    • Everything is adorned with gold, ruby, turquoise, emeralds and more gold.
    • In the middle of the sword was a turquoise dragon-shaped jewel, much like the one on his shield.
    • He wore heavy turquoise Navajo jewelry with one single giant platinum and diamond ring.
    • She'd received a set of green turquoise earrings six months ago, for her Christmas present.
    • The ship landed in the Land of Midian to trade corn for copper and turquoise, and there, Moses slipped away from the rest of the crew.
    • Even then, cocoa was a cash crop, the seeds traded for gold, silver, turquoise, maize, oil, beans, incense and cotton.
    • To help remind myself not to drink, I am wearing a silver and turquoise bracelet.
    • The report that small pieces of turquoise washed off the hills onto the streets after a heavy rain is not exactly true.
    • Years ago, people would come to these shrines to leave offerings of turquoise, jade and silver for the gods.
  • 2also turquoise blue

    turquesa feminine
    azul turquesa masculine
    • The sea was a deep turquoise, and the sun was still shining brightly.
    • I would immerse myself in the clear turquoise waters and savour the soothing feel of the warm ocean.
    • Turquoise seas, white sands and blue skies… It could only be Fiji.
    • The magnificent rock verticals, lush meadows and turquoise waters left me literally breathless.
    • The sun lit their faces and a turquoise sea rippled behind them.
    • The mountains were my back garden and the turquoise sea was my paddling pool.
    • She'd grown her hair out longer and she was wearing a turquoise dress.
    • The splashback area and floor are covered with hand-painted Italian tiles in dark turquoise and terracotta.
    • The main attraction, however, is the turquoise lagoons.
    • Her long turquoise dress hung down to her feet with a black trench coat covering.
    • They had landed on a crystalline, turquoise lake that was glassy smooth.
    • These islands are blessed with exotic beauty of turquoise blue waters and sandy beaches.
    • Leave winter behind for warm sandy beaches, coral reefs, and bright turquoise waters filled with colorful fish.
    • Immersing myself in the clear turquoise Sardinian sea became a daily fix.
    • The turquoise water sparkled in the brilliant sunlight, dazzling the four birds as they hopped across the warm wet sand towards it.
    • The cliffs drop down to secluded bays with jagged rocks and turquoise water.
    • He was cute, especially with the turquoise colored eyes.
    • Her turquoise blue eyes danced in the moonlight.
    • The expanse of green, turquoise and blue water opened up before me, stretching to the horizon.
    • Underneath her sweater she wore a long shirt that was bright turquoise and had gold stars on it.


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    (invariable adjective) turquesa
    turquoise blue (invariable adjective) azul turquesa
    • turquoise green verde turquesa