Translation of turtleneck in Spanish:


cuello alto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtərdlˌnɛk//ˈtəːt(ə)lnɛk/


  • 1also turtleneck collar

    cuello alto masculine
    (turning over) cuello vuelto masculine
    (turning over) cuello de cisne masculine Spain
    (turning over) cuello volcado masculine River Plate
    • There's no way I am going to lift that heavy metal rail cover, climb in in my sleeveless turtleneck top + pencil skirt + heels ensemble, to retrieve that bunch of keys.
    • I changed into a pair of black jeans and a white turtleneck tee shirt.
    • Her boots were midway between construction and army, her skirt was below knee-length and cut on the sides, the turtleneck shirt flexible yet hugging.
    • A grey turtleneck collar protruded from beneath his shoulderplates, covering his neck.
    • She wore a long sleeve shirt, dark brown, with a turtleneck collar.
    • He sat on it again, wearing a normal turtleneck shirt and jeans this time.
    • He is sure this is about Buffy and he nearly fell off the desk when Riley pulled a gold ring out of the zippered pocket of the turtleneck sweater he wore.
    • Yes physical abuse leaves marks or scars but the woman can cover them up with long sleeves or a turtleneck jumper - is that the word for those jumpers still?
    • Clothing worn from home (eg, undershirts, turtleneck shirts) should be contained completely within or covered by the surgical attire.
    • She went to her wardrobe and changed her top to a loose turtleneck blouse, to keep her warm.
    • He was wearing a black turtleneck shirt under a long, leather black trench coat which flapped behind him as he walked.
    • My mother's face was flushed from the roots of her hair, to the collar of her turtleneck shirt.
    • She had on a purple turtleneck sweater over two long sleeve shirts.
    • He was wearing a black, skin-tight turtleneck tee with a cream colored scarf wrapped around his neck.
    • Looking in my closet, I chose a pair of black jeans, a turtleneck sleeveless purple top and sneakers.
    • He always has a black hat and often a black turtleneck sweater.
    • It's one design museum where you don't need a turtleneck sweater and a pair of hornrims to appreciate the power of plastic in changing our lives.
    • Since the neck is covered from the top to the collarbone, turtlenecks are usually worn to keep your neck warm in colder climates.
    • She is pretty in an understated way dressed mostly in dark winter clothing, a black turtleneck sweater and her dark brown hair cascading down her shoulders.
    • For one thing, she had her long, straight, blonde hair down and she was dressed up in a red turtleneck sweater and dressy black slacks.
  • 2also turtleneck sweater

    suéter de cuello alto masculine
    (turning over) suéter de cuello vuelto masculine
    polera feminine River Plate
    • With two sweaters, three turtlenecks, earmuffs and a scarf, I had everything I needed for a wonderful European vacation.
    • But in reality, knitwear is so much more than that - it includes a wide array of pullovers, turtlenecks and cardigans, among other items.
    • Then she scratched at the woolen turtleneck that made her shoulders itch slightly.
    • She'd dressed for a casual hike: sensible shoes, long silk underwear, jeans - which she was proud to still fit into - a turtleneck, a wool sweater, and an anorak.
    • Wear your dress with a knit turtleneck and you look both warm and trendy.
    • They never tell a guy he should wear turtlenecks because his neck is too large.
    • Hanging on the wall behind him is a whole wardrobe of clothes I wouldn't buy in a million years - all velvets and turtlenecks and skin-hugging wool knits - and he says he's not here to change me.
    • He was wearing a turtleneck, no clerical collar.
    • I unbuttoned the blouse I was wearing and pulled on the turtleneck and sweater.
    • Match these with anything from a navy turtleneck to a black button-down shirt, or even with a shirt in the brown family.
    • Cardigans, turtlenecks, sweatshirts with hoods and tapered shirts with snap-on collars also appear in the collection.
    • Stylish V-necks, crew necks and turtlenecks will all look great under a sassy suit.
    • Classic cashmere turtlenecks, easy pant suits and fluid evening dresses were his style.
    • I only look sexy fully clothed, in long sleeves and turtlenecks and mittens and snow shoes.
    • His ‘chic beatnik’ look - a black leather jacket, knit turtleneck, high boots - is a street favourite today.
    • Throw on a cable knit turtleneck, a smart scarf, and you've got an uncomplicated, sexy look.
    • Similarly to turtlenecks, V-necks should be avoided if the nature of an event is too formal.
    • Classical pieces like v necked sweaters and turtlenecks are timeless.
    • After a musical and verbal introduction, Ram Dass, who sat in a wheelchair wearing a pink turtleneck and round sunglasses, leaned toward the mike and began to speak.
    • Everybody and their sister used to wear these back when many of us were in preppy Izod shirts, turtlenecks, and monogrammed sweaters.