Translation of tutorial in Spanish:


Pronunciation /t(j)uˈtɔriəl//tjuːˈtɔːrɪəl/


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    clase individual o con un pequeño número de estudiantes
    • Degrees leave the learning much more up to you, with the emphasis on lectures backed up by tutorials rather than a more interactive learning environment.
    • I'm now teaching part-time at Kingston University, one-to-one tutorials with dyslexic students.
    • He had the air of a don at one of our older universities holding a tutorial.
    • When studying for my mathematics examination I revised the theory behind each topic and then did each of the exercises that had been set in the classes and tutorials.
    • It's like a university tutorial conducted not by the Professor but by a stroppy student.
    • As chair of English Literature at Birmingham University, his tutorials were seized on by eager young undergraduates, many of them women.
    • Copson was a good teacher, whether behind the rostrum with his general class or in tutorials or seminars with his honours or research students.
    • Glees said personal tutors often had no idea about their students' views and that many undergraduates spent very little time in lectures or tutorials.
    • Some lectures and tutorials at Auckland University were cancelled this week when about half of the academic staff went on strike.
    • During his first year he attended only mathematics lectures and tutorials and completed college exams solely in mathematics.
    • For example, the huge student population makes it impossible for teachers to conduct seminars or offer individual tutorials to students.
    • Over two decades, through his lunch-time lectures and cafeteria tutorials, he changed the lives of hundreds of undergraduates.
    • I spent many hours in professors' offices, tutorials, and reading groups.
    • Would instructors really be prepared to spoon feed students in individual tutorials?
    • Often they are listening to the advice absorbed in college tutorials 30 or 40 years ago rather than the counsel of their officials.
    • There's no danger of getting bored because there's such a flurry of lectures, essays, tutorials, college dinners and socialising.
    • Apart from Cambridge, no other universities offer undergraduates one-to-one tutorials.
    • On the other hand, I still have anxiety dreams in which I realise halfway through my university term that I have not been to a single tutorial or lecture.
    • Also as expected, the number of students requesting individual copies of the tutorial decreased from 5060 to less than five.
    • Last week's decision by Liverpool councillors to establish a controlled prostitution zone made me think of my old university philosophy tutorial.