Translation of twang in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /twæŋ//twaŋ/


  • 1

    the twang of a guitar el tañido de una guitarra
    • Thinking of a satisfying bass guitar sound, a twang which makes the room vibrate but doesn't go through the ears at all.
    • Celil was suddenly thrust back into reality from her daydream by the bellow of a war-horn, screeches and roars, and the twang of bowstrings.
    • It is replaced by the soft rustle of saris, the smells of incense and saffron, and the Eastern twang of sitars.
    • A ringing twang interrupted the scene as a large piece of shrapnel ricocheted off a 500-pounder in the bomb bay, causing me to momentarily slam the door shut.
    • Or was it instantaneous, with the twang of Cupid's bow string, and - poof!
    • The twang of a guitar string resounded periodically, but never a song.
    • I heard the twang of guitar strings, and a little melody ensued.
    • Jeremy followed, dropping onto the elevator as Andy sat down to slide his legs down through the open hatch, and the groaning sound became a sharp twang.
    • Suddenly she heard, amidst all the noise, the twang of a bow.
    • As he exhaled, Erik let his arrow fly with a sharp twang of the string, the sound echoed thirty times over as the rest of the cadets fired.
    • With the gentle twang of the lutes, the lively melody started.
    • Then, there was the soft twang of the string being let go, and she rolled over into her horse's hind legs, once again barely being missed by an arrow.
    • He sighted his target, and released the string with a twang.
    • The bushes rustled sharply, there were five twangs in unison and five arrows shot out of nowhere and flew at him.
    • ‘Hello, Joel,’ he heard her say as the ball bounced off the metal rim with a twang.
    • Sure enough, the echoing twang of a bowstring sounded.
    • Arlan chuckled, but then stiffened as he heard the twang of a bowstring, and he ducked, jerking Cora down with him.
    • He threw himself onto the ground as the meadow was filled with the twang of many bowstrings.
    • Suddenly the twang of a bowstring rang out and the cloak fell to the floor.
    • As they paddle, they hear the twang of bowstrings and arrows begin to fall around them.

    sonido como el que produce una cuerda tensa al soltarse

  • 2

    (of voice, accent)
    his voice has a nasal twang tiene la voz gangosa
    • she speaks with a Westerner's twang habla con el acento nasal del Oeste de los Estados Unidos

transitive verb

  • 1

    (string/wire) hacer vibrar
    (guitar) pulsar las cuerdas de

    tensando y soltando

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (string/wire) vibrar