Translation of twelfth in Spanish:


duodécimo, adj.

Pronunciation /twɛlfθ//twɛlfθ/


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    see also fifth
    • Uzès is a mass of winding cobbled streets, a beautiful twelfth century (I think) church, and a relaxed mellowness that I loved.
    • All was lost by the end of the twelfth century, but the memory of Western territorial aggression against the Dar al Islam was deeply imprinted.
    • In the twelfth century, the great Kurdish conqueror Saladin built the Citadel, a fortress on a hill above Cairo, using the labor of captured Crusaders.
    • In the twelfth century when Peter of York advanced claims of lordship, St Andrew was made the patron saint of Scotland.
    • It is unknown when they were first built but it is generally accepted that they are early Christian and that they were still being constructed up until the twelfth century and possibly later.
    • A twelfth century date has been suggested for the carving, but it is more likely to date to the fifteenth century.
    • Shii school of Islamic law relying on a series of rational processes dating to at least the twelfth century.
    • This was a slow process, and popes continued to appoint bishops to sees like Carthage and Tripoli until the middle of the twelfth century, but traces of organised, indigenous Christian communities become rare after that time.
    • Peter's Hill and Upper Thames Street were laid out in the twelfth century.
    • How often do we hear these days about the original decision handed down in the twelfth century, that the sovereign of England should rule over the whole of all the British Isles?
    • I've just realised, it's my twelfth birthday today.
    • He traced the origins of the Order in Ireland back to their arrival with their Anglo-Norman overlords and patrons in the twelfth century.
    • In the last decades of the twelfth century, the Societas Mercatorum, the organisation that had overseen the commercial life of Florence for 100 years, began to fracture into separate units.
    • The worst day of this ordeal was by far the day of my twelfth birthday.
    • It is also one of the world's best locations for keeping a record of earthquakes: its records go back to the twelfth century.
    • The great twelfth century rabbi Maimonides ranked eight types of giving in order of virtue.
    • In the picture at the Civic Museum in Ancona, St Francis in the twelfth century adores the appearance of the Madonna and Child in the clouds above the Doge's palace in Venice, built 300 years later.
    • There is general agreement that the most outstanding of all Galician wine is the white Albarino from the Val de Salnes, introduced from the Rhine by Benedictine monks from Cluny during the twelfth century.
    • The Byzantines experienced some prosperity in the twelfth century, but their political and military power waned.
    • Arab traders took Islam to the area in about the twelfth century, possibly even earlier.


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    en duodécimo lugar
    see also fifth


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    doceavo masculine
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    doceava parte feminine