Translation of twin in Spanish:


mellizo, n.

Pronunciation /twɪn//twɪn/


  • 1

    mellizo masculine
    melliza feminine
    gemelo masculine Spain
    (in Latin America gemelo tends to be used to refer to an identical twin) gemela feminine Spain
    cuate masculine Mexico
  • 2informal

    (sth identical)
    I saw the exact twin of that vase in an antique shop vi un florero idéntico / igualito a ese en un anticuario
    • He could have just been a twin to the smaller man.
    • He looked around and saw his twin, who was the mirror image of him, and broke down.
    • Soulmates are believed to be our ‘love match’, the other twin of our soul.
    • Indeed, the fugue's subject is almost a twin to the opening theme of Flos campi.
    • While this new belt is the closest known match to our own, it is not a perfect twin.
    • You are seeing more and more of that in business, which is kind of a twin to a profit-sharing plan.
    • Her shrieking, wailing voice was the whisper of mortality piercing the ears like the banshee's own call, a twin to the driving terror that pierced the mind.
    • Save for its bright red valve covers, the new engine is a twin to the LS1.
    • León and Granada might be at opposing political extremes, but they are matching twins in their architecture.
    • She wore a mouse-brown tunic belted with a matching braided rope (it matched her twin mouse-brown braids).
    • Like the article says, it's just a mirror-image twin of Prilosec, and therefore can't be expected to behave that much differently.
    • The recently launched Mercedes S-class could be a twin to BMW's 7-series.


  • 1

    (sister/brother) mellizo
    (sister/brother) gemelo Spain
    see twin
    • The Bill and Ben stories were invented by their older sister Hilda, as tales to keep the twin boys amused whilst they had their bath.
    • When I was the promotions director for Azuli Records, my twin sister, Paula, came to stay with me for a week and I was so snowed under at work that I asked her to come in and sort out my database.
    • Helena suffers from Type One Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a muscle wasting genetic disease from which her twin sister Saskia is mercifully free.
    • The Bridesmaid was Martina Murphy, twin sister of the Bride.
    • Above Dominic's bed hangs the watercolour painting he made as a gift for his twin sister Rebecca and the letters sent to him by relatives and friends.
    • At his funeral, Gary's twin sister, Hannah, said: ‘Gary was the best brother I could ever imagine having.’
    • The family is now worried about letting their two other cats, Rainbow, 14, and Tiggy's twin sister Smokey go outside their home.
    • Gavin caught up utterly out of breath and he gave a look of complete gratitude to the twin sisters.
    • Witnesses say they saw nothing-just a little boy and his twin sister playing at the sand part of the park while many other children ran around, screaming.
    • Kor and her twin sister, Miriam Mozes Zeiger, along with thousands of other twins, were subjected to experiments under the direction of Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele.
    • One of the twin boys was critically ill, suffering from hypothermia and hypoglycaemia - deficiency of glucose in the bloodstream - and was badly malnourished.
    • Today the couple are proud parents of twin boys.
    • Lisa, my twin sister, Jane, and I had gone to see Helen Reddy.
    • Up next, the emotional story of twin sisters who made sure the mental illness that divided their lives did not break their bond.
    • She was one of a family of seven, six girls and one boy, and was a twin sister of Delia.
    • I think my sister got the newborn twin ponies in 1987, and I vaguely remember having the baby sea ponies; I don't remember the llama and dino at all.
    • Christine McGlin's twin boys, Christopher and Ross, are 14, strapping lads, but she still picks them up from school.
    • Ailsa looked down at her older twin sisters and the boy who was with them.
    • London-born artists and twin sisters, Amrit and Rabindra, have widely exhibited in the United Kingdom and abroad.
    • The dead girl's twin sister and a 13-year-old girl escaped with minor injuries and were taken to Wythenshawe Hospital.
  • 2

    the twin evils of poverty and violence la pobreza y la violencia, dos males que siempre van de la mano
    • twin-bedded room habitación con camas gemelas
    • twin-cylinder engine motor de dos cilindros
    • twin engines motores gemelos
    • twin propellers hélices dobles

transitive verbtwinning, twinned


  • 1

    to be twinned with sth estar hermanado con algo
    • this city is twinned with Oxford esta ciudad está hermanada con Oxford