Translation of twinkle in Spanish:


centelleo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtwɪŋk(ə)l//ˈtwɪŋk(ə)l/


  • 1

    (of lights, stars)
    centelleo masculine
    titilar masculine
    • She looked out into the ocean, seeing the moonlight twinkle on the ocean surface as the waves slowly danced their way to shore.
    • The sun had almost set and already Auckland's lights were a twinkle in the distance.
    • As she said this she clasped the bracelet and there was a bright twinkle of gold.
    • The fire in his eyes flared and with a single hand he flipped the table halfway across the room, the teapot and cups shattering in a twinkle of light.
    • You feel you could be in a theater which screens art films were it not for the twinkle of Christmas lights across a black curtain.
    • Usually with all the lights in this city, you could barely see a twinkle in the sky.
    • After a time that seemed like forever, I began to see a small twinkle of light.
    • Tired twinkles of light came through the fissures in the roof tiles and a small window in the back wall.
    • He felt cold and damp, but was comforted to see the twinkle of torchlight in the distance.
    • The twinkle of light began to grow and divide, until Peter could see a myriad of bright lights just up ahead.
    • Further still, and a twinkle of daylight breaks the distance.
    • At this depth the last rays of sunlight fail to penetrate the water and the only lights comes from life forms that produce twinkles and sparkles of primarily blue and green bioluminescence.
    • The stars serenely encased the green-and-brown planet in their milky twinkle, lighting up all the oceans with a crystal glow, a beautiful shine.
    • I unclench my fist, and a twinkle of reflected light shines back in my face.
    • A faint twinkle appeared under the mass of rubble occupying the centre part of the room.
    • It was the size of a large classroom, and the light was provided by a small bulb above a shelf of bottles behind the bar, a light illuminating the tightly fitting pool table, and the twinkle of bulbs in the juke box.
    • Adriana sat watching the glow of the dying fire and the golden twinkle of summer stars.
    • This time the light is the twinkle of candles picking up gold trim on china plates.
    • Bright twinkles of stars had also started to emerge and the whole scene had become even more picturesque than previously.
  • 2

    (in eye)
    brillo masculine
    • He nodded, an amused twinkle still evident in his eyes.
    • Tanner saw the twinkle of amusement in the elf's eyes as he briefly faced him.
    • I saw a mischievous twinkle in his eyes and he waved the salad.
    • A twinkle of amusement and excitement gleamed in his olive colored eyes.
    • A grin cracked across the man's stony face, and a twinkle gleamed from his eyes.
    • He blinked as he felt her breath on his neck, her brown eyes watching him with a playful twinkle.
    • The amused twinkle wasn't quite gone from his eyes, but he was much more serious now.
    • A playful and teasing twinkle had come into her eye.
    • She looked into his gorgeous, blue eyes that had a dull twinkle in them.
    • A twinkle appeared in his eye, as though he thought me comical.
    • He nodded his agreement once again, and Drake thought he detected an impish twinkle dancing in his eyes.
    • A playful twinkle appeared in her emerald eyes.
    • There was a slight twinkle of humour in them.
    • Rachel glanced over at him and noticed the familiar mischievous twinkle in his eyes had returned.
    • She rubbed my arm comfortingly with a small twinkle of mischief that I had seen somewhere else.
    • His former amethyst eyes were now replaced by blood red ones, an evil twinkle passing through them.
    • Jason looked at her with a twinkle of laughter in his eyes.
    • He had a huge grin on his face and his eyes had a twinkle to them.
    • The familiar twinkle danced in her sparkling brown eyes.
    • A faint twinkle was present in his eye, which grew more noticeable when he spoke.
  • 3informal

    in a twinkle en un periquete informal

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (star/light) titilar
    (light/star) centellear
    • Lights twinkled down below and a breeze rustled the trees.
    • The stars twinkle under the bright light of the full moon.
    • Stars twinkled merrily, their brief flashes of light competing with the steady glow of the moon.
    • As he turned out the light, three bright stars twinkled above the silent house.
    • The city looked peaceful, lights twinkling and the trees still in the balmy night.
    • The stars twinkled and shined like they were the only thing to light up the Earth tonight.
    • Hundreds of small fish twinkled in the refracted sunlight.
    • They twinkled bright in the dark sky, beautiful and old and they made her unimportant.
    • Outside the moon shone bright and the stars twinkled.
    • There are some bright new southern stars twinkling as our northern lights try to recharge their batteries.
    • There wasn't a soul in sight, only the bright stars twinkling above.
    • Glass fell, twinkling in the firelight like stardust dropping from the sky.
    • The light gradually faded out of the cavern, leaving only shards of broken ice twinkling dimly in the darkness.
    • The stars twinkled brightly in the night sky above her head.
    • A few stars twinkled through the light dark clouds.
    • Glass shapes, baubles and coloured beads all hung from the ivy, twinkling in the sun's rays.
    • The sapphire twinkled in the setting sun's light.
    • By nightfall, several dozen boats will be out on the lake with their lanterns twinkling in the velvet darkness.
    • I could see the lights from the town twinkling in the distance.
    • They were beautiful, twinkling in the dark sky above.
  • 2

    (eyes) brillar
    • ‘Look’, he said, his blue eyes twinkling with amusement.
    • The older pictures had MaryAnn smiling radiantly, teeth shining and eyes scrunched together twinkling with delight.
    • Zachary's eyes widened for a moment, but they soon twinkled with amusement.
    • ‘No prob’, she replied, her green eyes twinkling with amusement.
    • One of the men gave a harsh laugh, his eyes twinkling with unspoken amusement.
    • Ryan prods, his eyes twinkling brightly with mischief.
    • He had a broad, trusting smile, and eyes that twinkled with mischief.
    • ‘I'll be looking forward to it,’ she replied, her ice blue eyes twinkling with amusement.
    • She looks at Ryan, her brown eyes twinkling with amusement.
    • Frances nods, her dark eyes twinkling with either amusement or disbelief.
    • Lisa leaned forward eagerly, her eyes twinkling with amusement.
    • Her eyes flashed and twinkled mysteriously, and she shot her gaze towards me.
    • There stood Mr. Grunge, brown eyes twinkling with amusement.
    • Terry rolled his eyes, but the green orbs twinkled with amusement.
    • Chris' eyes faltered for a moment, but continued to playfully twinkle during his levity.
    • She looks at Jonnie, with eyes twinkling in amusement.
    • He's sitting there, one eyebrow raised, his beautiful eyes twinkling with amusement.
    • He blinked his ebony black eyes, the irises twinkling with delight.
    • Her eye's started to twinkle with curiosity when she came across a black door.
    • The boy looked up, his dark blue eyes twinkling with amusement.