Translation of twirl in Spanish:


(hacer) girar, v.

Pronunciation /twərl//twəːl/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (baton/cane) (hacer) girar
    (cane/baton) revolear Southern Cone
    he was twirling his mustache se estaba retorciendo el bigote
    • she was twirling her hair jugueteaba con el pelo (enroscándoselo en los dedos)
    • Obviously a boy who appreciates a big stage when he sees one, Jack danced and twirled and spun with abandon, much to the delight of the photographers.
    • Alex jumped a foot forward suddenly, twirling around just as quickly and landing in a defensive stance.
    • From time to time, Russian dancers clad in national costume would pop up to dance between the tables, somehow reminiscent of a doll twirling round and round inside a music box.
    • Leaves twirled through the air, but there was no breeze.
    • She twirled in front of the mirror and watched the skirt flare out.
    • The magical girl twirled and spun through the air with a natural grace, which she had achieved after only a day of intense practice.
    • She glided over the dance steps smoothly, twirling quickly.
    • Her face was drenched with sweat from twirling and spinning and leaping and jumping.
    • I quickly twirled back around to face my other three enemies.
    • Dancing and twirling sadly, spinning and swaying softly, she made this her dance of hope.
    • Flower petals danced across the scene, and twirled through the air.
    • Miranda leaped and ran, spun and twirled, flew and soared to the sound of Mario's violin.
    • I twirled on my toes, trying to imitate a ballerina.
    • She looked absolutely radiant with joy in her period dress, spinning and twirling on the floor.
    • Soon she was twirling and dancing so quickly that it was hard for Adrianna's eyes to keep up.
    • We jumped around and around, hands linked as we twirled around the room.
    • With two hands she sipped the warm, filling chocolate and watched the heavy snowdrops from the clouds twirl down quickly to the ground.
    • I ran through the rain, twirling, spinning, skipping and feeling completely safe in the world.
    • I twirl and I spin and I stick one leg out of the water and pretend I am really graceful.
    • Red and purple hangings hung from gold walls, and the dancers twirled round and round.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (baton) girar
    (baton) revolear Southern Cone
    the dancers twirled around and around los bailarines giraban / daban vueltas sin cesar


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    with a twirl of his cane haciendo revolear el bastón por el aire Southern Cone
    • give us a twirl! date una vuelta para que te veamos