Translation of twist in Spanish:


retorcer, v.

Pronunciation /twɪst//twɪst/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(screw, coil)

      to twist sth around sth enrollar / enroscar algo alrededor de algo
      • the snake twisted itself around its prey la serpiente se enroscó alrededor de su presa
      • the wires got twisted se enroscaron los cables
      • Mr Gibbon twists the nail, attempting to drive it home.
      • I stopped suddenly in front of the building and turned to Rob, twisting some of my hair around my finger.
      • Always twist wires together securely before twisting on the wire nut.
      • She gently pushes out icing while twisting the nail.
      • And he was very, very nervous, and he kept twisting his hat around - you know, when gentlemen used to wear hats.
      • Leave a small amount of space to allow the weak link to twist without the link-knife rotating with it.
      • The dress she had worn on her date was wrinkled and twisted around her body, and her stockings had huge runs in them.
      • Then she ran to the shop door, twisted the Open / Closed sign and began to lock and bolt it like a Colditz guard.
      • Cedric walks in straightening his shirt that was most likely twisted around his body from sitting awkwardly on the couch.
      • The raging wind began to take shape, twisting and coiling before the man before coalescing into a staff.
      • She wore a gown of grass and leaves that twisted about her body like ivy.
      • She twirled, slowly bringing her slender arms above her head while her sheer dress flowed in the breeze, twisting around her body.
      • Smoke rose from a hall in the roof and drifted with the wind, twisting and furling in on itself until you were unable to see it.
      • I twisted one of the ringlets around my finger and pulled it making it bounce up and down.
      • Someone who arrives nervously twisting a wedding ring may have marital problems; somebody who has clearly walked through the rain might face financial trouble.
      • I tilted my head to one side and started twisting my dirty blonde hair around my fingers.
      • His hands traveled up his back and came to rest on the back of his head, his fingers twisted in the jet black locks.
      • Cora toyed with her cloak, twisting the shining white fabric between her fingers while gazing up at the stars.
      • Maybe if I twist this ring a little harder I'll get to imagine Kendall again.
      • She twisted and rotated around the bars with beauty and grace.
      • Rochelle began twisting some of her hair around her finger, and I thought that she mustn't have been keeping tabs on me as well as she thought.
      • She adjusted the tiny screw at the top and twisted some more, still nothing came out.
      • Do you keep things inside and let them twist and wind inside you rather than let them out?
      • She gasped, sitting up in bed, her pajama shirt twisted around her body.
      • The pair were laughing loudly, Corrie twisting one of her curls around her finger.
      • These have been due to either the release line twisting around the link knife, or wheat stubble becoming jammed in the ‘v’ of the blades.
      • She twisted one of those auburn hairs around her finger, looking nervously up at him.
      • Max swore as he twisted the lock-pick in the keyhole impatiently, but the lock still refused to oblige.
      • And then the men began to come in, and Ælfwyn stepped forward, clasping her white hands together and twisting one of her rings as she waited.
      • Rodriguez twisted a few of his rings around his fingers.
      • Her eyes were red from crying and her hands kept twisting her skirt unknowledgeably.
      • And his grip on my hand firmed, his fingers now curling and twisting over mine as he stood.
      • He would always pick up my pen if I dropped it, and I loved the way he would twist his mousy brown hair around his fingers when he got nervous.
      • Unfortunately, he rambles on the microphone just as often as he twists the knobs backstage.
      • Reaching in his back pocket, he pulled out the ring of keys and twisted the smallest one in the lock on his right cuff.

    • 1.2(turn)

      (handle/knob) girar
      to twist the lid off a bottle desenroscar la tapa de una botella
      • he twisted her arm le retorció el brazo
      • He instinctively grabbed the tumbling bag with outstretched arms, and it twisted him sharply to the right before striking his shins and feet.
      • But then, in my paintings, I started twisting branches upside down so that they became shapes lying into the landscape.
      • Alex twisted both of his swords up into a self-protective X position and waited for the blow Zack would deliver.
      • The feline Juanjo twisted himself into a stable position from which to strike, but biffed his shot wide of the post.
      • And before he knew it, the pro had twisted him into positions he never thought possible.
      • His hand shot out and grabbed my arm, twisting me back painfully.
      • She twisted herself into a sitting position, and from there, she managed to get up on her feet.
      • Would it be possible for the galleried seating area to be twisted around to make a feature of it as you walk into the chapel?
      • I was once again twisted around by the shoulders to face my arch nemesis.
      • The wafers are pressed against each other, slightly twisted at a precisely controlled angle and then bonded together to form a bi-crystal.
      • Her face ached from the false smile that appeared on her lips, and her toe throbbed from being twisted in the wrong direction.
      • I flicked on the little lamp that has been twisted round to fit inside my bookshelf.
      • Hetty's form of the condition - spasmodic torticollis - causes the neck muscles to spasm twisting her neck to one side, which also affects the spine.
      • She twisted him around to face her and crossed her arms in front of her chest.
      • The eagle twists its head, looks me in the eye, and turns its regal beak back into the wind.
      • So when I started twisting the fruit around to loosen the membrane and subsequently pick out the seeds, Joey started pointing at me and laughing.
      • He blocked all three but struggled on the third because he was twisted in an odd position.
      • He grabbed hold of her right arm, twisting her around so she faced the wall and the arm was behind her.
      • Every head in Madrid's packed Plaza de Toros was twisted in their direction.
      • I was still sitting; he was standing, his arms twisted behind his back.

  • 2

    • 2.1(distort)

      his face was twisted with pain tenía el rostro crispado por el dolor
      • While he lives in his own little world, he knows what is going on out there - even if he twists the information in his own warped way.
      • Of this much I'm certain - Down will be absolutely furious when I tell him that his words have been twisted in this way.
      • I have watched how words have been twisted, strewn and bent into whole other shapes by parts of the media.
      • Political fund-raising spam is still relatively rare, but it has already been twisted to fraudulent purposes.
      • John Q. tries to twists the discussion by effectively challenging us to prove that we're being consistent according to his definition.
      • Being clear, and always conscious of whether my words could be twisted, was really important.
      • He had twisted her response to his question and told her that even worse words could be twisted by others in court.
      • On the local and national front, we have another effort at twisting meanings and twisting history.
      • I have been misquoted and my words have been twisted.
      • What we should assure politicians is that we have no gain from twisting or distorting facts.
      • Rather then debate that process openly, the interviewer twists it into something else and lets others attack.
      • We seem to have a lot of sensible men in our laboratories at the moment but their words are being twisted and blown up in a quite irresponsible manner by the media.
      • All that does is play into their strategy of twisting words and meanings until nothing means what it says any more.
      • That's why I stopped talking, because I can see the press twisting whatever I say anyway.
      • Am I being too sensitive, or deliberately twisting his words?
      • Facts have either been twisted or not at all revealed.
      • He is forced to twist and bend the truth to justify his crimes.
      • They have to deal with a thousand different ways in which their words may be twisted and perceived by people they have never met and who have no desire to meet them.

    • 2.2(sprain)

      I twisted my ankle/wrist me torcí el tobillo/la muñeca
      • She stood for a moment, and massaged her neck where it was stiff after being twisted at an awkward angle all night.
      • There's a dead pain in the middle of my back, and I've twisted something or pulled something in my hip.
      • The Spaniard had a break point for a 3-1 lead in the first set when he twisted his right ankle after chasing a Sluiter forehand.
      • The 19-year-old limped from the fray in the first-half after twisting his ankle where the side of the Gay Meadow pitch met the surrounding track.
      • In attempting to play the shot, Lehmann twisted the injured left knee which he already had strapped and he obviously did further damage.
      • Knees were twisted, ankles pulled, vision checked, X-rays taken and blood drawn.
      • As she left the area where Mrs Scarrabelotti had tripped and broken her wrist, Terra tripped on another cracked part of the footpath, twisting her ankle.
      • ‘The real test will come in the New Year when I am running and twisting the knee but a week after the operation everything is going well,’ he said.

    • 2.3(alter, pervert)

      (words) tergiversar
      (meaning) torcer
      you twisted what I said has tergiversado / distorsionado lo que dije

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (wind, coil)
    (wire/rope) enrollarse
    (wire/rope) enroscarse
    (road/river) serpentear
    • Lowering his quill once more, the ink trailed in a continuous line, curving and twisting on the paper.
    • The palace where this wild party occurs is oddly arranged, however, with a series of seven rooms that twist and wind beyond the view of the other.
    • Alsonte was floating down a river of memories, twisting and winding.
    • Then the trail would stop winding and twisting, and would level off and widen.
    • The road twisted and hairpinned and climbed, but as scary mountain passes go, it was pretty tame.
    • South of Keri, the road twists past paddy fields, prawn farms and rural hamlets towards Arambol.
    • The main road twisted and turned through the collection of houses and shops in a boa-like manner.
    • Below, another less obvious route twists off slyly to the south.
    • The rim snakes and twists and after a while it's easy to lose your bearings in an unfamiliar place.
    • At this point, the Apaches split up from each other and dropped down to ground level where they began to move forward, twisting around dunes.
    • His lines curve and twist, zig and zag, constantly delighting the eye but never losing form.
    • For instance, you need only drive a few miles out from Benidorm to discover narrow mountain roads that twist through pine forests.
    • The paths lead on forever and ever, winding and twisting and weaving in circles until you don't know east from west nor north from south.
    • Claire realised too late what had happened when the ride started and she was violently shaken as the roller-coaster looped upside down and twisted around sharp bends at high speed.
    • We would bump and twist along narrow roads, their surfaces deeply grooved by hardened tire tracks.
    • The small group sat in silence as Alex negotiated the roads, twisting in and out through the traffic, which was unusually heavy this evening.
    • They twisted and turned down winding maze paths, never being able to tell if they were lost or going on the right path, blindly guessing.
    • We climbed through tough canyon country, the road bucking and twisting between coastal oaks and mountain laurel.
    • The corner of her eye caught the yellow bus as it came down the long road, twisting and winding, stopping here and there to pick up children that also attended school.
    • The road twisted and turned up and around the mountains, and soon I was surrounded by thick forest.
  • 2

    (turn, rotate)
    the cap twists off el tapón se desenrosca
  • 3

    • Then, I started to move, twisting and twirling my body, starting in a dance that involved every muscle I had.
    • The ground began another round of shaking, moving, and twisting.
    • Zethus fought against his power valiantly, wriggling and twisting, but got little reward for his struggles, as he didn't move an inch.
    • Her body twisted and moved with such agility and grace that she managed to avoid most of the attacks that were issued her way.
    • Chaos lashed out with a foot, but Cecil had been waiting for the move, and twisted out of the way.
    • She squirmed and writhed and twisted, genuinely this time, but she was small anyway, and Sarah was strong, and so she wasn't going anywhere.
    • I twisted and twitched and writhed, but they wouldn't let me go.
    • Difficult to describe, the film contains a host of shifting shapes, such as dots and circles that wriggle and twist, as well as a recurring totem figure that is the most concrete element of the film.
    • Their bodies twisted as each tried to wrest the weapon from the other's grasp.
    • Her body twisted and turned as nightmares filled her head and haunted her rest.
    • She tried to wriggle and twist around, but could only move fractionally.
    • The robot methodically twisted and moved his limbs in noisy harmony to open the door.
    • I'm apparently tossing and turning in my uncomfortable sleep, moving here, twisting there.
    • He twisted and writhed in pain, his anger rising.
    • As her tail sinks into the semifluid sand, she twists her body and drills herself downward until she is buried up to the pectoral fins.
    • Red flames danced, glowing, leaping and twisting, a haunting mix of black and red casting horrific patterns over the concrete.
    • The sea will rear up because Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent, is twisting and writhing in fury, making his way toward the land.
    • Minutes later, she started to struggle again, pushing and pulling her arm, twisting and wriggling to try to get away.
    • Samaras strikes hundreds of different poses, twisting and reshaping himself before the lenses of his various Polaroids.
    • Paul twisted, swivelled, danced and turned his way through some desperate tackles before pirouetting over the line in a mesmerising display of balance and control.
  • 4

    bailar el twist
    • Demise twisted and weaved in the air, dancing peculiarly.
    • He clasped his hands together and twisted excitedly.
    • He took my hand and held my waist as we danced across the floor, twisting and twirling.
    • His legs were askew as he spun, twirled, and twisted, a strange dance of confusion.
    • The dancing couples twisted and turned, dancing until they got dizzy and sat down for a drink.
    • If you can listen to either one's music without starting to twist, frug or jerk, you seriously need a soul implant.
    • In the back of the ballroom, spidery arms and legs twist and move to the music.
    • She spun, twisted, and moved her body to the music, even as it continued to go faster.
    • She twisted, spiraled, and danced through the air with such feral pleasure that Asgard couldn't help but smile as he watched her.


  • 1

    • 1.1(bend)

      (in wire, rope) vuelta feminine
      (in wire, rope) onda feminine
      (in road, river) recodo masculine
      (in road, river) vuelta feminine
      • In addition, the path to the hospital area was down a stairwell with several twists or bends, which took additional time and effort given the difficulty in transporting him.
      • Familiar bends and twists in the hallway lead her past cubbyholes and labs of other Engletech researchers, including the bemused Thatcher.
      • The bends and twists, the potholes and the flooding were all cited as major drawbacks for motorists.
      • In certain parts, the water was flowing extremely fast and there are lots of twists and bends.
      • Quite the opposite, in fact, as it responded immediately when it came to powering out of the twists and bends of the lanes of the Cartmel Peninsular.
      • There was the subtle twist of a planetary orbit here, the tiny bending of a beam of starlight there.
      • Then the road got worse, the shade diminished allowing the sun to beat down mercilessly, and the gradient steepened as the corkscrew twists became sharper and sharper.
      • There is no suggestion of a pronounced twist in the ventral margin of the jaw of Hynerpeton like that seen in Densignathus.
      • Revitalised, he too bludgeoned a brief and spectacular change in momentum in the last hour before, as sure as bend follows twist, he handed it back.
      • The route is lined with a variety of ferns and striking sandstone formations and is not for the timid; sudden twists hide cliffs.
      • However, when it is cut, you end up with a loop of paper that has an even number of twists, which, when cut again, ends up as two interlocked rings (try it out).
      • He followed Kyle through multiple twists and bends in the track as they sped along.
      • Silence fills the car as he maneuvers around the twists and bends of the road, turning left on Main, which is much brighter.
      • The colorful graphics are sufficient, the diverse musical score is fantastic, and the plot is loaded with mysterious twists and bends.
      • The ride and handling is on par with the class leaders, and it is very surefooted in tight road twists - even while carrying a heavy load.
      • There's no discernible twist or bend in it whatsoever - it feels like a fully roll-caged race car.
      • After another series of twists and bends, the corridor widened into a room.
      • What was once mostly a two-lane road with more than its fair share of twists and bends will eventually be a four-lane highway with slow bending curves.
      • The bends and twists in the chain of amino acids are different.
      • Now the vehicle descends, again through numerous hair raising turns and twists.

    • 1.2(turning movement)

      giro masculine
      to give sth a twist hacer girar algo
      • With a twist of his body, Vince turned so that his left leg was now resting on top of the broken wall of stone.
      • I start with trunk twists - twisting my upper body from side to side for 30 seconds, elbows in, fists up, hips steady.
      • Hold position, then come out of twist smoothly; change foot and leg positions, and repeat twist to the other side.
      • It wasn't so much that I was going fast, as that I did many acrobatic twists as I slid down the hill.
      • Why just do lunges when you can do a lunge and a torso twist?
      • They were the only pair to perform jumps with a quadruple twist and a triple Riedberger, as well as a spin with a jump.
      • With a yell and a half twist, I spiralled off the ground with my sword to the side, the blade catching the fire.
      • Morgeta squats down and with the twist of her upper body with her arms extended halfway out, she causes the boulders around her to fly off the ground in a circular pattern.
      • Clive Francis, as the Aunt, created the illusion of an old woman by a twist of the body and the turn of the head and one believed in it.
      • She looked outward, and could just make out a two-legged, tramping shape making little twists and rolls ahead of her.
      • Stoney Point's bipod uses a very clever, patented locking mechanism so you can change the length with a twist of the wrist.
      • This yoga twist often relieves pressure in low back discs with a pop!
      • He swung the spear so that the staff rested against his back, his right hand held onto the part sticking out to his right, and when he got close to the block he gave a twist of his body, cutting through it with the spear at his side.
      • Performers would then dive into the water from the swing, embellishing their dives with graceful twists and spins, when the swing reached its highest point.
      • The gentle back bends and twists soothe lower back pain, improve digestion, and clear your thinking.
      • Hu rallied to win on his last dive, a backward double somersault with one twist.
      • The gradual twist of the body may be likened to certain movements in nature, such as that of a vine winding itself around a tree.
      • With a complex twist of his wrist he tossed the bhaji onto a plate and it accelerated after the bounce so quickly that he hardly had time to parry it with his knife.
      • With a firm twist of her body, Oren got herself spiraling toward the ground at a crazy angle.
      • Though a relatively recent convert to card playing, Vincent has mastered all the tokens required, winking, nodding, tongue twists and body gyrations.

    • 1.3(sth twisted)

      a twist of paper un cucurucho de papel
      • a twist of thread un torzal de hilo
      • a twist of lemon una rodajita de limón

  • 2

    (in story, events)
    vuelta de tuerca feminine
    giro inesperado masculine
    by a (strange) twist of fate por una de esas (extrañas) vueltas que da la vida
    • And in a serendipitous twist of fate, he is now in a position to offer my band discounted studio time at a local recording studio.
    • Be prepared to laugh, cringe and cry as the play slips from the anarchical to the downright grotesque and be prepared for an unexpected twist at the end.
    • The movie itself is an instant classic with yet again amazing visuals, dialogue, twists, action sequences, performances, and sound track.
    • His life had taken so many strange turns, twists and almost acrobatic tumbles.
    • When you seem to be pandering to an audience with a slender attention span, then it's unrealistic to expect character development, clever plot twists or edge-of-seat tension.
    • In a strange twist of irony, this very narrowing down of themes may result in a wider audience.
    • But in a terrible twist of fate, the disease she has worked so hard to find a cure for has now come to haunt her.
    • Yesterday's verdict was originally expected in December but was repeatedly delayed by fresh, and increasingly strange, twists in the case.
    • The second half of the show is filled with unexpected and clever plot twists, as well as a marked shift in tone.
    • The newly formed friendship is severely tested and I won't give the ending away, but it is indeed an astonishing twist of fate for all three men.
    • His stories are accompanied by a strange twist of the supernatural.
    • The film holds a few surprises - not in clichéd twists, but in unexpected plot developments that make the film more compelling.
    • Ellen is not even a quarter-time medium but they end up uncovering a family secret at the end, so it's a play with a double twist to it.
    • At times, the plot twists sound as if they've been generated by a Hollywood scribe, a fact that amuses Koenig.
    • The debate was an unexpected twist for the rave community, which was finally feeling optimistic about the proposed bylaw amendments after years of waiting for them.
    • In a strange twist in the tale the wheeler-dealer will pay a terrible price for this unrequited love.
    • An unexpected twist of fate would change the course of his life.
    • In a strange twist of irony, players who played the past year overseas say they are too worn down to participate, while players who didn't play claim they are nowhere near game shape.
    • So, as to not spoil the movie, I will only tell you that it concludes with an unexpected twist.
    • The book zips by with twists, murders and sudden encounters.
  • 3

    twist masculine
    • Play your favorite music and dance: Move your feet, move your body, add a waltz, do the twist.
    • Did the twist signal the end of Western civilization?
    • It was a crazy record: it had instructions on how to do the twist on the back of it, about how you dance and where you put your feet.
    • They stood up, sang Twist and Shout, danced the twist, going up and down.
    • But I told Quentin that there were other dances other than the twist.
    • I think I was more willing to do the twist like an overweight John Travolta than do that time warp thing from the other movie.
    • The entire crowd was in a constant groove, heads bopping and legs kicking up doing the twist, swing dancing, and just plain old quaking and shaking.
    • Back in the 1960's my favorite uncle taught me how to do the twist.
    • Twist is an effort to document the twist dance craze that starts off with some promise, but eventually goes off the rails.
    • The description of him dancing the twist with his wife in an effort to come to terms with the New World Order is almost too sad to contemplate.