Translation of twitch in Spanish:


moverse, v.

Pronunciation /twɪtʃ//twɪtʃ/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (nose/tail) moverse
    his eyelid was twitching le temblaba el párpado
    • Sometimes an arm or a leg twitched uncontrollably.
    • My eyes still twitched a bit but my breathing calmed as I stared into those smiling blue pools.
    • He sat down in his chair and visibly twitched in annoyance as it squeaked noisily.
    • Casey felt her heart shudder and her lips twitch upwards into a smile.
    • Her hand twitched again, and this time he knew it was real.
    • Lying in the shade of a sycamore tree, the girl twitched in her sleep.
    • My hands were twitching madly, and I closed my eyes.
    • All he noticed was Paul's eyebrow twitching upward at the reaction.
    • His brows were furrowed and his lower eyelid twitched in anger.
    • Lionel's face twitched involuntarily into a little frown.
    • His ears twitched nervously as he noticed the growing changes in her demeanor.
    • Dale's eyebrow twitched in slight annoyance, as he walked past the girl coolly.
    • Suki's tail twitched nervously, her ears bent flat against her head.
    • My jaw twitched, and I closed my eyes to control my composure.
    • He shook his head and his lips began twitching in amusement.
    • Winthrop gives me an apologetic look, though a corner of his mouth is slightly twitching in amusement.
    • I saw soldiers' heads turn and nostrils twitch distractedly.
    • I swallowed, feeling my fingers twitch involuntarily in the cold.
    • Desiree sighed, her nostrils twitching like they always did when she was in deep thought.
    • Jason looked at me, a smile twitching at the corner of his mouth.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (tail/ears) mover
    he twitched the reins sacudió las riendas
    • she twitched back the curtain abrió la cortina de un jalón


  • 1

    tic masculine
    he has a nervous twitch tiene un tic nervioso
    • I've got a twitch in my eyelid me tiembla el párpado
  • 2

    tirón masculine
    jalón masculine Latin America Southern Cone
    to give sth a twitch darle un jalón a algo Latin America Southern Cone