Translation of twitcher in Spanish:


observador de aves, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtwɪtʃə//ˈtwɪtʃər/



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    observador de aves masculine
    observadora de aves feminine
    • I stand to be corrected by any twitchers among my readership but I thought that cacophony didn't occur in the middle of winter, so is this another effect of global warming?
    • Standing next to rainforest so dense you couldn't see for more than a few centimetres into it, and hearing the bird so frustratingly close but not being able to see it, is a special sort of torture for twitchers.
    • The Scilly Isles as a whole attract a great deal of unusual birds and crowds of twitchers (themselves as odd a sight as any rare bird) are not uncommon.
    • But when you arrive, what you find is a gem of an island that is a Mecca for yachties and twitchers, but which is seriously overlooked by ordinary tourists like me.
    • The controversial series continues despite furious criticism from twitchers who phoned in when last week's opening episode failed to secure the survival of the rare Weeping Warbler.
    • Botanists, twitchers and wildlife-watchers in Scotland say last week's record-breaking heatwave fooled numerous species into believing winter had already passed.
    • A twitchers ' paradise, the surrounding wetlands and marshes are protected by Birdwatch Ireland.
    • Amateur twitchers like me can never hope to glimpse these elusive rarities, notwithstanding the wonder of the internet providing immediate advice as to their whereabouts.
    • And with a record 1,762 Whooper's swans coming to dine on grain and potatoes and bask in higher temperatures, the spectacular visitors are causing twitchers ' hearts to race.
    • But one particular species had the expert twitcher frantically flicking through the ornithology books when it was delivered to his doorstep this week.
    • Its mud-flats, sand dunes and salt marshes attract an array of unusual birds, which accounts for the number of twitchers with binoculars and long-lens cameras on the island.
    • It's amazing what those twitchers can spot in the parched outback in Winter.
    • In some cities, there are exclusive clubs for twitchers.
    • And a steady stream of twitchers, from all across the North West, made the journey after news of the birds' arrival was posted on a birdwatchers' website.
    • He contacted the British Ornithological Society and up to 70 twitchers from all over the north west descended with cameras and binoculars for a glimpse.
    • Tell one birder about an owl in a tree and within a few hours, you can expect to find that tree ringed by a throng of twitchers deploying expensive optics.
    • These days the town services twitchers, ramblers, anglers and golfers.
    • Who ever heard of a twitcher leaving his mobile phone on when bird watching?
    • The BIRDING COMMUNITY encompasses a broad spectrum of backyard birders, opportunist oglers, weekend watchers, and hardcore twitchers.
    • The area is renowned for its bird life and there were several twitchers already there, all armed with binoculars.