Translation of two-edged in Spanish:


de doble filo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtuːɛdʒd//ˈtu ˈˌɛdʒd/


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    (sword/blade) de doble filo
    • The issue poses a classic two-edged sword that can cut both ways.
    • Unfortunately, it is a two-edged sword - much like cancer chemotherapy.
    • I think it was a two-edged sword, but I think he would have energized a lot of people who right now are not energized.
    • With alcohol, it's kind of a two-edged sword, because alcohol in moderation may actually have some cardiovascular benefits,
    • I'm also somewhat concerned too at times about accepting confidential briefings because they're a two-edged sword as well.
    • What many of these critics typically overlook, however, is that the power to adapt is a two-edged sword.
    • I wholeheartedly agree, and as you point out this is decidedly a two-edged sword.
    • But the support can be a two-edged sword: not many candidates like being told what to do by White House advisers who aren't exactly up on the local political scene.
    • Medically, blood is a two-edged sword, a transmitter of disease or, by transfusion, a lifesaver.
    • As we're seeing in the post-September 11 th world, information is a two-edged sword that can both help and hurt people.
    • The strengthening of this bond is a two-edged sword for us veterinarians involved in maintaining the health of precious family members.
    • Electric scoring has meant a two-edged sword for fencing.
    • Moreover, many of the technological forces that have made creativity such a communal activity are two-edged swords, suppressing individual invention in some ways but freeing and fostering it in others.
    • In that sense it is a two-edged sword, because some members of the opposition are just as idle and incompetent as some of those in government.
    • Those who have followed the fortunes of the Australian press know that foreign ownership without a real attachment to Australia is a two-edged sword.
    • Country-of-origin labeling for beef appears to be a two-edged sword.
    • FDA's release of information about medical products can be a two-edged sword, enhancing a product's marketing efforts when positive and doing harm when negative.
    • But we recognise that it is a two-edged sword and it is vital that we provide facilities to engage the youths.
    • Seen this way, the First Amendment is a two-edged sword that prevents government from inhibiting religious expression, but also limits the scope of religious authority to ecclesiastical affairs.
    • Granted that all technology is a two-edged sword, let's make it a reasonably benevolent milestone.
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    (argument/compliment) de doble filo