Translation of two-fisted in Spanish:


vehemente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌtuˈfɪstəd/



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    • If you talk like a Texan, you are a two-fisted he-man who knows life's hardships and are ready to scrap at a moment's notice.
    • He's been described as a ‘transcendent singer and two-fisted gutter poet’, notorious for his drug and alcohol-fuelled excesses.
    • Although ‘Biff ‘leaves much to be desired as Spillane's two-fisted hero, the film looks even better today than it did in 1953.’
    • Martin also enjoyed Edwards' creation of a ‘larger-than-life, Hunter S. Thompson-type, two-fisted, hard-drinking persona.’
    • Colin Farrell's reputation as a bad boy will climb several notches after the blistering one-two delivery of Intermission's opening sequence in which a shop assistant is charmed and then floored by Farrell's two-fisted thug.
    • He was such a big man: it looked like he was trying to get drunk, the two-fisted way he was drinking.
    • Lyd's from the two-fisted school of private detectives - two-fisted shooting, drinking, fighting, you name it.
    • Jonny Quest's brand of two-fisted action draws from all of these themes, updated with a strong undercurrent of cold war science.
    • Longshoremen have a rep for being heavy-drinking, two-fisted tough guys.
    • They don't make 'em like this two-fisted rough-and-tumble war series anymore.
    • I do actually agree with the underlying aim of the article - two-fisted opposition to the EU and to Britain's subjugation by it.
    • We want a two-fisted God who comes up like thunder, and we are offended by one who puts himself/herself at our mercy and who now and then looks a lot like our Uncle Fred.
    • Expect two-fisted thrillers from Jeffery Deaver and Dale Brown.
    • The page is forthright in its views and in the two-fisted way it expresses them.