Translation of two-piece in Spanish:


de dos piezas, adj.

Pronunciation /tuːˈpiːs//ˈtu ˌpis/


  • 1

    (swimsuit) de dos piezas
    • They had pajamas, two-piece pajamas - a shirt and pants.
    • Sculpted by the raking light, the bathers are russet and gold in the sun, vibrant in blue and red two-piece swimsuits, trunks, a maillot, absorbed in the folding of towels and blankets.
    • The bank was full of its usual wealthy clientele all of whom were, in large part, wearing fancy dresses or sharp, two-piece business suits.
    • But works of art cannot be displayed as mere illustrations of social issues, equivalents to bumper stickers, advertisements and two-piece swimsuits.
    • With two-piece garments, such as a skirt and blouse in the same fabric, be sure to clean both pieces together at all times, even if one hasn't been worn.
    • You had to lend me that two-piece bikini that Johnny gave you on your birthday.
    • It soon became apparent that he likes glittery things: he changed into a silver glitter two-piece suit and went through several glitter guitars.
    • The shop, which has been tapping into a revived Western fad for eastern clothes, sells glamorous traditional two-piece salwarkameez and sarees, mostly to white York women for evening wear, as well as jewellery and other accessories.
    • Be that as it may, you must stay true blue to this regimen for six weeks - bare minimum - to enjoy the pleasures that go with wearing tight jeans, tiny dresses and two-piece swimsuits with complete confidence.
    • Mother wore her new felt hat with the petersham ribbon around it and her light grey tweed two-piece costume that she had just bought for Easter.
    • For business and other professional activities, men are expected to wear suits and ties, while women still adhere to a code that involves dresses or two-piece suits with skirts or skirts and blouses.
    • Her hair is long and curly, a light brown, half of it pulled back into a style that actual looks quite professional, especially when coupled with the pale gray two-piece jacket and skirt suit she's wearing.
    • Dressing for that was easy: a smart two-piece suit, matching hat and shoes; and the whole lot had to be worn for only a few hours, making pinching shoes and tight waistbands entirely bearable.
    • We just played Houston, and these Junior Boys fans showed up in these nylon track suits, these girls in this shiny two-piece getup.
    • Some of the great sparkling looks came in tiny swimsuits or two-piece bikinis studded with silver nail heads including crocheted white suits.
    • Our policy requires surgical team members to wear bouffant-style disposable hats and two-piece scrub suits.
    • Both women looked dry and comfortable in their custom-made skintight two-piece swimsuits.
    • Muslims in the north wear traditional long white robes and head coverings; Asian men wear white two-piece cotton suits, whereas Asian women dress in black or colored silk dresses.
    • But, I was startled half to death when I pulled out a skimpy, red-white-and-blue two-piece spandex suit with a bikini-cut bottom and extra-low neck.
    • Beach volleyball can be a trip to watch, what with the loud music and the competitors' designer sunglasses (even at night) and the dancing girls in two-piece swimsuits during timeouts.