Translation of two-tone in Spanish:


de dos tonos, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtu ˌtoʊn//ˈtuːtəʊn/


  • 1

    (of two shades)
    (paintwork/jacket) de dos tonos
    • There are many colours to choose from; pale shades to the most vibrant, in single or two-tone coloured blooms and blossoms are single or semi-double petalled.
    • Some are flavoured, scented and others are two-tone, mixing two colours to create a lovely glossy sheen.
    • The retired 68-year-old from Farmington, dressed in two-tone golf shoes and a polo shirt, enthusiastically voices his support for Daly's candidacy.
    • Both were extolling the merits of the scooter - its pocket-friendly price, two-tone colour combination, and of course, a mobile-phone charger.
    • One man was described as white, around 30, 6ft tall, of slim build with brown hair and wearing a two-tone fleece jacket, blue jeans and white trainers.
    • However, I have saved my tacky-souvenir money for a college scarf: the black and white of Trinity Hall on one side, the two-tone blue of Cambridge on the other, appropriate embroidered crests on each side.
    • Light blue shirt on Sunday morning; two-tone, open-necked blue job on Sunday evening; and stripy, surfer-style blue sweatshirt for a Monday night barbecue.
    • Here the big questions are whether it's time to lie on your stomach for a change so that you don't finish up as a two-tone person - brown chest, white back - or time to walk the punishing 100 yards or so to that café for another cold drink.
    • He was wearing a two-tone baseball cap, a blue-hooded tracksuit top with three yellow stripes down the sleeve, a light-coloured t-shirt underneath and jeans.
    • Bright, trendy colours like ice-blue, white, orange, champagne and plum alternate on the acetates with varnish, crystal and pearly effects, at times combined with two-tone plastic.
    • The new car will be easily recognisable as the sport version, coated in a unique two-tone paint finish, combining a black roof, pillars and mirror housings with the option of blue, red, or silver for the remainder of the body.
    • Local people have been complaining for the last two or three months about the presence of the two-tone brown camper van that often parks along the road, sometimes in front of old people's almshouses.
    • But for the USB connector, the Fuse's body is nicely symmetrical, and pleasantly styled in a two-tone white-on-black colour scheme.
    • The ambience inside is standard Avensis, very straightforward, but the two-tone interior trim of this particular version is very refreshing from the more normal all-dark.
    • In work clothes, there are two-tone colours with the fabrics being soft, wrinkle-free and flexible.
    • And there was a man in it - almost halfway out of the window wearing a blue baseball cap, a two-tone blue hooded fleece, dark skin, startled eyes and my DVD player under his arm.
    • Plant two different vines on one tepee for a two-tone treatment.
    • The variance is nearly unbelievable; short or tall varieties, small or large flowers, two-tone flower colours, and they are single- or double-petalled.
    • Witnesses told police they saw a large white man in a dark-coloured, two-tone Ford F - 150 extended cab pickup the night two of the killings occurred.
    • Net-covered bustiers, two-tone dresses, huge zips on the outside of garments - these are clothes for rarefied tastes and far removed from anything to do with the mass-market high street.
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    (of two notes)
    (horn/siren) de dos notas
    • Also this morning, I discovered another reason not to lament that I shall never hear that two-tone cry of ‘Da-ad!’
    • Known officially as the Piercer it repeats 650 times per minute compared with 55 times for the traditional two-tone siren.
    • The police officer followed him activating his vehicles blue flashing lights and two-tone horn.
    • Interest in the Specials has burgeoned lately with the use of the two-tone legends' ska sounds in advertisements.
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    (fabric) tornasolado