Translation of typify in Spanish:


tipificar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈtɪpɪfʌɪ//ˈtɪpəˌfaɪ/

transitive verbtypifying, typified, typifies

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    ser representativo de
    • And you could probably typify both experiences as examples of the collective unconscious or race memory.
    • We consider the following seven characteristics as typifying the complex behavior of PTP.
    • He added: ‘It is a shame they have not played against club sides because these places typify the character of English rugby.’
    • These examples typify the difficulties that psychologists may experience with peer review and commentary.
    • We have described a number of approaches to graphical presentation of data in the context of classical factorial designs that typify published studies in experimental psychology.
    • She replies with a description which typifies the wonderful person of Christ.
    • Its musical characteristics typify an Alpine song.
    • Several characters that typify a theropod: Hollow, thin-walled bones are diagnostic of theropod dinosaurs.
    • He shows respect for everyone that he meets, and this characteristic typifies his good relationship with colleagues at home and abroad.
    • In this, he typifies the characters on Dawson's Creek who never really live because their self-consciousness always interjects itself.
    • This analysis helped to identify, clarify and describe skills that typify those needed to do this kind of work.
    • This art style is typified by geometric, angular or figurative designs.
    • Steep topography, sparse vegetation, and infrequent but intense thunderstorms typify many flash-flood hazard areas.
    • These three characteristics typify the political Islamism that has been forceful for so long in several of our countries of origin.
    • This brushpot typifies the pictorial quality characteristic of so many later vessels, which were often worked as if the surface of the jade were a sheet of paper or a scroll to be unrolled.
    • These characteristics typify what's expected in lower mainland steelhead carrying systems.
    • But the London man says that typifies his character.
    • To give you the clearest possible idea of what any given house is worth, we have, in most cases, identified the neighbourhood that we have treated as typifying any given area.
    • These are some examples of how the modern sporting identity is typified by self-centered and undisciplined behavior.
    • The first example typifies Spuddy's attitude to the system.
    • The book is full of anecdotes and examples which typify the techniques of speaking clearly and calmly, matching breathing in order to slow it down, and offering comforting and reassuring suggestions.
    • I also think that Packer is right: blogs are indeed ‘atomized, fragmentary, and of the instant’ and those are characteristics that typify successful media of our time.