Translation of tyranny in Spanish:


tiranía, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɪrəni//ˈtɪr(ə)ni/


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    tiranía feminine
    • As the strongest military power for the foreseeable future, they must play an active role in fighting tyranny, totalitarianism, and terror.
    • For it came into a world previously marked by despotism, by tyranny, by totalitarian control.
    • No one is urged to dwell on the fact that the day's fireworks displays are symbolic of an armed revolution against tyranny and colonialism.
    • The basic elements of this perspective are a strong liberal commitment to human rights, solidarity with the oppressed, and a firm stand against fascism, totalitarianism and tyranny.
    • Generations of poetry lovers were brought up without any knowledge that Shelley's radical opposition to all tyranny and oppression was central to his art and his life.
    • The German law is wider, as it refers to persecution under National Socialism or any other form of despotism or tyranny.
    • It was, and is, a final check on tyranny, government tyranny.
    • Ownership of small property was the safeguard against both government tyranny and economic oppression.
    • He presumably wants public anarchy funded by socialist tyranny, but that is another issue.
    • The Second World War has long been presented to the American people as a ‘Good War,’ a war for democracy against fascism and tyranny.
    • At a minimum it rules out both anarchy and tyranny.
    • How many acts of oppression, tyranny and injustice have you carried out, O callers to freedom?
    • Hollywood films depicted the war in Europe in particular as a struggle against fascist tyranny fought by soldiers and sailors imbued with democratic sensibilities.
    • We cannot go on with this proxy rule racket, where we back tyranny in the region for the sake of stability.
    • Freedom fighters must have some way of overthrowing tyranny, oppression, or imperialism.
    • He wanted to free Europe from tyranny, oppression and despotism.
    • Some believe that the only solution for government in parts of the world is for there to be tyranny or despotism.
    • In this fact every other possible cruelty, tyranny, and wanton oppression was by implication included.
    • Nowhere was it tried where tyranny, misery, poverty, fear and oppression failed to follow.
    • What took over instead was private tyrannies, basically, corporate systems, which play the role of controlling opinion and attitudes, not taking orders from the government, but closely linked to it, of course.
    • And when Strauss is mentioned in the press, he is typically described as a great defender of liberal democracy against totalitarian tyranny.