Translation of tyrant in Spanish:


tirano, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtaɪrənt//ˈtʌɪr(ə)nt/


  • 1

    tirano masculine
    tirana feminine
    • Liberating the oppressed and deposing tyrants are moral choices; appeasing dictators and fomenting hatred of those who would overcome them are immoral choices
    • According to John, the most expedient way to destroy tyrants was to beseech God's retribution, but he explicitly sanctioned human dissimulation and treachery when they served the cause.
    • But the human rights camp often downplays the military might that must underpin any successful effort to hold thugs and tyrants accountable for their atrocities.
    • These tyrants were too small-time to rouse Americans to action and yet simultaneously too annoying or brutal to be ignored by a civilized superpower.
    • But to outmaneuver tyrants, many need training in the strategies of nonviolent action as well as better information technology.
    • American security is founded on liberty, and a politically freer planet, a planet freed from the grip of tyrants and the threat of terrorists, is a far safer world.
    • Let's take a glimpse at how Rome and her history can give us a reaffirmation of our unshaken belief in the ability of Everyman, acting as a free individual, to repair all the damage ever done by history's tyrants and their tax gatherers.
    • The countercultural wing of the business world is itself peculiarly attracted to revolutionary tyrants, who have become such common marketing icons that the irony is hardly noticed.
    • Shortsighted tyrants, spineless power-mongers and heartless thugs vie egomaniacally, dangerously, for power.
    • Celebrating November 9 each year would be a warning to future tyrants that tyranny, whether military or ideological, has no future.
    • Even the Quarterly Review, no great lover of democracy and popular causes, considered that he was excessive in his appreciation of tyrants.
    • It appears yet again that our very existence is threatened by the determination of tyrants dissatisfied with anything less than the domination of others.
    • The domestic life of domestic tyrants is one of the things which it is the most imperative on the law to interfere with.
    • This line of argument would seem to lead either to benign Stoic conclusions of mutual indifference, or to finding tyrants and reigns of terror no threat to individual freedom.
    • The Utopians helped some of their neighbors get rid of their tyrants, and the neighbors, seeing what great ruling Utopia had, asked the Prince if they could have magistrates rule over their own countries.
    • Lightning fizzed majestically just on cue behind her spiked crown; briefly illuminating the symbolic relic of a world now lost to the seizing hand of bullying big businesses and tactless political tyrants.
    • Every tyrant and every oppressor deserve the full wrath of justice.
    • What will they have left when the art of all of the cultures of the earth has been pillaged by armies, looted by wealthy collectors, destroyed by insane fundamentalists, and prohibited by tyrants?
    • It was the tyrants ruling the Confederacy with an iron fist who kept her from her mother and me.
    • Using large puppets on stilts, the performers depicted two tyrants oppressing several people.