Translation of U-lock in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈjulɑk/


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    (para bicicletas) candado en forma de U masculine
    (para bicicletas) candado de horquilla masculine
    candado U-lock masculine Latin America
    U-lock masculine Latin America
    • Boston bicycle messenger John Anderson, 23, said a friend showed him how easy it was to defeat a U-lock.
    • Prior to the Bic pen news of late, I was looking for a new heavy duty lock to replace the generic U-lock I have that's about 12 years old.
    • The only thing I could think that might save their business at this point would be a massive recall/refund for every customer with a U-lock.
    • If it's in a heavily trafficked area, you can probably get by with a good braided-steel-cable lock or U-lock for $18 to $30.
    • Across the Internet, home movies showing U-locks being opened with the barrel of a pen have been spreading like wildfire, since the Sunday posting of a San Francisco bike commuter to the website.
    • Another good option would have been a heavy U-lock, but those are always at least $15.