Translation of U-turn in Spanish:


cambio de sentido, n.

Pronunciation /ˈjuːtəːn//ˈjuˌtərn/


Motor Vehicles

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    cambio de sentido masculine
    giro en U masculine Southern Cone
    vuelta en U feminine Southern Cone
    to make / (British) do a U-turn cambiar de sentido
    • they did a U-turn on taxation dieron un giro de 180° en materia de impuestos
    • there will be no U-turns over education policy no habrá cambios radicales en la política educativa
    • But once you're significantly off course, you can't just simply do a quick U-turn to get back on track.
    • Sighing again, and taking a deep breath, she turned the car into a U-turn and drove in the opposite direction.
    • Making a U-turn, she drove a block before turning into the parking lot of an older apartment building.
    • The van did a handbrake U-turn and was soon headed back to Surfer's Paradise.
    • The robbers then did a U-turn in the road and drove back in the direction of the Post Office.
    • It was another struggle to join the mainstream traffic and make the U-turn to head home.
    • I made a U-turn on the taxiway and headed back to the line to get it checked.
    • It even boasts an impressively small turning circle for easy U-turns in most suburban streets.
    • He offered me a wave before doing a quick U-turn and exiting the parking lot.
    • She lost track of the turns and U-turns she made.
    • He turned the flashers on just before he made a U-turn, heading back in the direction he'd come.
    • The town's Mayor, who has visited the scene with her own three children, said that motorists were also doing U-turns on the road and that could cause a problem for other road users.
    • The rear car was hit, and the front car sped off and made a U-turn, but it too was hit.
    • The convoy then made several navigational errors, which required the slow, lumbering vehicles to make two U-turns in the middle of hostile territory.
    • The car made a U-turn, the men in the car yelling and gesturing angrily at me.
    • He saw cars turning U-turns and heading toward the building.
    • And if I take the wrong road the car has such a tiny turning circle I can do a quick U-turn and head back the other way.
    • Faith slammed on the brakes, and made a U-turn in the middle of the empty street.
    • He made a U-turn and pulled me over and kept me on the side of the road for half an hour.
    • The flag came down and five cars raced down the road, made a U-turn and came racing back.