Translation of ubiquitous in Spanish:


omnipresente, adj.

Pronunciation /juˈbɪkwədəs//juːˈbɪkwɪtəs/


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    omnipresente formal
    ubicuo formal
    we were offered the ubiquitous hamburger nos ofrecieron la consabida hamburguesa
    • In this way, the global ubiquitous computer is much more like a living organism than the Turing machine.
    • I set off with my ubiquitous armed guards into the Hawlwadig district near the city's Bakara market.
    • I think we'll remember this war as the war of the ubiquitous video phone.
    • It almost seems superfluous to name-check the ubiquitous brands in the Kellogg's stable.
    • I take supplements to try and offset or negate the effects of the ubiquitous poisons in our food and environment.
    • These days, the programme is so popular and so ubiquitous, that I just tend to keep quiet.
    • Plasticity in expression of these Phases is a ubiquitous feature of the majority of CAM plants.
    • It's impossible not to be influenced by Leone because his work is ubiquitous.
    • What had been neglected was the almost ubiquitous presence of radiation.
    • We saw the ubiquitous charity shops sprouting everywhere, which is the first sign of decline.
    • In five years how close will we be to ubiquitous or pervasive computing?
    • All the soldiers are heavily armed, most with the ubiquitous Kalashnikov.
    • A certain degree of plasticity in physiological traits is ubiquitous among plants.
    • Its influence is so ubiquitous that it comes to dictate a lot of our conversations.
    • It is an easy, ubiquitous option but one that appears to be losing some of its mass appeal.
    • The retail brand is a ubiquitous feature of the retail landscape in North America.
    • The electric guitar has become a ubiquitous presence in virtually all forms of popular music.
    • We now have a ubiquitous personal and immediate substitute for present company.
    • Hoummos is one of those ubiquitous foods whose popularity has brought forward its own use-by date.
    • The number of this ubiquitous vehicle went down after the mopeds gained popularity.