Translation of Ukrainian in Spanish:


ucraniano, adj.

Pronunciation /juːˈkreɪnɪən//juˈkreɪniən/


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    ucraniano masculine
    ucraniana feminine
    ucranio masculine
    ucrania feminine
    • The current population is primarily Belarusian but also includes Russians, Poles, Ukrainians, and Jews.
    • Jews, Ukrainians, and Russians were the most likely to leave.
    • This province already had a motley mixture of population, including Turks, Tatars, and Ukrainians.
    • They are followed by other Europeans such as Russians, Ukrainians, Romanians and experts from the Baltic republics.
    • This led some Ukrainians to switch to the Russian Orthodox faith.
    • Such persons include ethnic Albanians, Kurds from Turkey, Moldovans, Ukrainians and Russians.
    • The country does have minority groups, including Ukrainians, Germans, and Belorussians.
    • Mennonites, Ukrainians, Polish people and western Europeans came to take up land and build homes and communities.
    • What matters then is that Russians, Ukrainians, Uzbeks, and so on, whether secular, Christian or Muslim, are non-Arabs.
    • They were replaced predominantly by Russians, followed by Ukrainians and Belorussians.
    • Yes, it's 21 nations in the force, the main force being the Spanish, the Ukrainians and the Poles.
    • Ethnic Russians and Ukrainians tend to be Orthodox Christians.
    • Their General Denikin made a point of referring to Ukrainians as ‘Little Russians’.
    • There is a large community of Russians and smaller communities of Ukrainians, Belarusans, and Finns.
    • There are also smaller groups of Ukrainians, Turks, Persians, and Jews.
    • I think Ukrainians and Russians in general are very big on ‘fitments’.
    • We encouraged the Ukrainians to seek freedom and to finally end Russian interference in Ukrainian politics.
    • I suppose Ukrainians, Czechs and Hungarians will be for Slovakia.
    • After Russians and Ukrainians, the Tatars are the most populous ethnic group in the Russian Federation.
    • Western Ukrainians are intensely nationalistic and distrustful of Russia.
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    ucraniano masculine
    ucranio masculine
    • It is said to allow speakers of English, Arabic, Polish, Ukrainian, and Spanish to communicate with each other.
    • I went to American schools and had American friends but at home we spoke Ukrainian.
    • Students undergo advanced training in Russian and Ukrainian, among other languages, Tone said.
    • The Ukrainian dialect was greatly strengthened during, and after, the 18th century when Ukrainian began to overcome Russian as the language of literary choice.
    • Does anyone know, or suspect based on substantial evidence (rather than just sheer guesswork), why Ukrainian was the language chosen to be included?
    • One is that the winners opt to thank their agents and personal trainers in Ukrainian, Cantonese or hesitant Franglais.
    • The Belarusan language is a part of the East Slavic group of languages which includes Ukrainian and Russian.
    • In addition to the aforementioned languages, you'll hear German, Polish, Ukrainian, and a host of other languages spoken in other locker rooms around the league.
    • Remarkably he could speak five languages by this time, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, French and German.
    • Pupils at Nottingham's Trinity school can speak a wide variety of languages including Polish, Hungarian and Ukrainian.
    • They speak a series of dialects that are classified as East Slavic and that are most closely related to Ukrainian.
    • One concern was that I would be working at camps in Western Ukraine, where - surprise - Ukrainian is primarily spoken.
    • That makes a big difference from eastern regions, where most city dwellers have only studied Ukrainian as a foreign language in school.
    • To many who do not speak Ukrainian, this is a clear example of discrimination.
    • They were a few people who could speak Russian and Polish, but no one who knew some of the more obscure Slavic languages like Ukrainian or Bulgarian.
    • In 1980 less than 17 percent listed their primary language as Ukrainian.
    • Out of it emerged the Russian, Ukrainian, and Byelorussian languages.
    • My first language was Ukrainian and so I got a chance to kind of dig into my roots and put on the accent and wear the nice clothes.
    • He edited Agapit, a journal of medical history, which is published in three languages (Russian, Ukrainian, and English).
    • Formerly repressed, Ukrainian and other ethnic languages in Ukraine flourished at the end of the twentieth century.