Translation of umbrella in Spanish:


paraguas, n.

Pronunciation /ˌəmˈbrɛlə//ʌmˈbrɛlə/

nounPlural umbrellas

  • 1

    (against rain) paraguas masculine
    (against sun) sombrilla feminine
    • There were no umbrellas, and the water was still a bit cold (not to mention so clear, you could see the shells on the sea floor).
    • A threadbare khadi jhola hangs over his shoulder, an umbrella in his hand.
    • Yet as I pack a bag to hold water and umbrellas and tissue paper, I'm quite aware that the three hours will not feel like that.
    • According to a salesman, bags, lunch boxes, water bottles, umbrellas for kids and pencil boxes are the most in-demand items.
    • A well-balanced living room opens out onto the beach - complete with distant hills, beach umbrellas and blue water.
    • Heart pounding in her ears and squaring her shoulders, Carolyn held the umbrella steady as she moved toward the back of the house.
    • As he turned back toward the house, Desmond suddenly appeared at his side, the blond hair atop his head soaked and matted to the sides of his face, despite the umbrella in his hands.
    • If your container leaks onto the table too much when you water it, remove the umbrella and move the container to the patio floor.
    • His hair was neatly combed back, and he held an umbrella over his head.
    • I stayed in the sun for twenty minutes on each side before moved under the umbrella to put on my sunscreen, hat and sunglasses.
    • The central plastic handle can be pushed to one side to allow for maximum coverage space and can also be moved to collapse the umbrella.
    • Mikhail hadn't made a move to open the umbrella until now.
    • To ward off trouble, cobras can rear up, and they have hoods that expand out like a half umbrella to make themselves appear bigger and scarier than they actually are.
    • We prepare for the rain and the heat by hauling out the umbrellas and moving into the shade.
    • This is a dog that is scared of water, umbrellas and her own reflection in the mirror.
    • Many of the traditions survive in the modern firm: liveried commissionaires still take visitors' soggy umbrellas and hand them back, dried and furled, when they leave.
    • Most species, however, do not have polyp leaves, and look more like clubs, umbrellas, or pinwheels.
    • She decided to open the umbrella once Soo Lin turned to face her, so the umbrella would expand in her face.
    • But nearer the water are tiny umbrellas and beach towels.
    • Elaine stood several feet away under an umbrella, her face pale and strained.
    • Spots were definitely in fashion today, what with the beads of water on coats, umbrellas, glasses, bags, clothes and windscreens.
    • A few feet away, Ethan had slipped out of his jacket and was holding it over his head like an umbrella, making a face.
    • These street riders could be easily distinguished by their gaudy Western-style umbrellas, as contrasted to the slender parasols which female students often carried.
    • The ubiquitous water feature is well represented - ideas include a water umbrella, an octopus garden and a clock that drips instead of ticks.
  • 2

    (coordinating body)
    the organization acts as an umbrella for many groups la organización aglutina a numerosos grupos
    • before noun umbrella organization organización que aglutina a varios grupos