Translation of umpteen in Spanish:


tropecientos, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈʌm(p)tiːn//ʌm(p)ˈtiːn//ˌəm(p)ˈtin/



  • 1

    tropecientos informal
    miles de
    un millón de
    umpteen times miles de veces
    • From medicated oil massage to steam therapy, there are umpteen methods of proven treatments to cure different ailments.
    • An umpteen number of muscular men and women would have performed such a feat.
    • You've filled in umpteen blanks and chosen your super favorites and guessed at the answers you didn't know.
    • He's got the message that you dig him because you've told his buds umpteen times, and they've told him.
    • The umpteen four-wheelers and six-wheelers maintained by the institutions cater to the needs of students.
    • The umpteen assignments he had signed up do not annoy him.
    • According to the housing officer, he has laid out umpteen stalls.
    • There was so much more that could have been done in the hour that wasn't, and so much fillery stuff in there as well, such as umpteen shots of the kids walking around the streets.
    • The reason is the presence of umpteen causeways and bridges.
    • The game also illustrated genuine pace from Parks when making umpteen breaks, before knocking Ronan O'Gara backwards in a tackle.
    • It was interesting to see his vulnerable side. I read his novel, The Rum Diary, which he worked on for umpteen years.
    • It ought to be obvious that if Westbury is to have any traffic relief, it has to be by other than an umpteen million pound environmentally-damaging bypass.
    • I've seen the first one umpteen times and still love it.
    • I must have passed it umpteen times, and never noticed it!
    • But I do believe in life sentences with life meaning life, not just ten years inside, with umpteen reductions for good behaviour.
    • There have been umpteen reports of the meat-eating deer.
    • I couldn't hear them sing, because this was a sports bar, with umpteen televisions and customer's, all you can do is watch.
    • There are umpteen restaurants mushrooming, but of what quality?
    • Every cliche about Inuit language - 347 words for snow, umpteen more for ice - is both true and beside the point.
    • I am not at liberty to say what the plans are, and in any case they have to go through umpteen stages yet, but I was quite delighted by the vision being presented.