Translation of unadvisable in Spanish:


desaconsejable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənədˈvaɪzəbəl//ʌnədˈvʌɪzəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    poco aconsejable
    poco recomendable
    • I have travelled on public transport in a number of countries and no other nation finds it necessary to advise their citizens that throwing bottles out of windows is a little, well, unadvisable.
    • No, because now it would be unadvisable from a lawyer's point of view, because it would be misconstrued.
    • Said Benoit Vincent, one of the directors of the tournament: ‘Germany took the lead at the start and never looked back,’ which is a generally unadvisable, considering that boomerangs do return.
    • ‘It is very unadvisable and I would advise all your readers against it,’ he adds, in mock confessional tones.
    • Given their limited nature and the potentially adverse impacts they can have, using state-mandated large-scale testing for student-level high-stakes purposes is unadvisable.
    • Leaving me in bed while you go play video games immediately afterwards is highly unadvisable if you would like my behaviour to be repeated in the future.
    • Taking on multiple roles that have the potential for so much confusion is probably unadvisable, Campbell suggested.
    • It is unadvisable, therefore, to interfere with the existing tradition.
    • As will be explained later, going to the men's toilets for any reason, let alone to throw up, is unadvisable.
    • Because of their need for strong financial management skills, and because of the requirement to report rigorously and accurately to the Legislature, it is unadvisable for provincial cabinets to make political appointments as HODs.
    • Still, so closely and intimately associated are the physiological and the psychological aspects, that the exclusion of all references to the latter would be impracticable, or, if practicable, unadvisable.
    • Taking pictures, morphing them on your PC and circulating is also highly unadvisable.
    • I do not see the good in it, because I was still untamed and unadvisable.
    • As this is a bulky item, delivery by local mail is unadvisable.
    • In retrospect, it now appears unadvisable for owners to travel with their dogs to Thailand until clearing procedures become more humane.
    • I wanted to prescribe 20 mg. of haloperidol daily as an anti-psychotic, but without a proper medical history I thought it unadvisable.
    • Although often used, at least in our institution, as empiric therapy of CAP where there is possible aspiration, clindamcyin monotherapy is unadvisable.
    • Individuals could swap their shares via other methods, such as direct deals with interested purchasers, but that would not only be hard to execute but also unadvisable in these circumstances.
    • In the other cases, anticoagulation therapy was unadvisable because of thrombopenia
    • Losing her temper with this one was unadvisable.