Translation of unaffected in Spanish:


natural, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənəˈfɛktəd//ʌnəˈfɛktɪd/


  • 1

    (sincere, natural)
    (person) natural
    (person) sencillo
    (manners) natural
    (manners) nada estudiado
    (manners) nada afectado
    • There was a simple and apparently unaffected charm to the man.
    • He had an easy, unaffected manner and a complete involvement with the problems of the person before him.
    • There is something disarming, even charming about him, an unaffected, innocent air.
    • The problem is not with Jones, who gives a natural and unaffected performance, but with her character's story.
    • Vardalos has a delicate charm and an unaffected style of acting.
    • With an affectionate and admiring smile on his own face, he has written an unaffected biography of an unaffected great man.
    • A man of great integrity and unaffected charm, Moore was held in almost universally high esteem.
    • He was a man of singular personal charm, cheery, unaffected, trust-inspiring.
    • Refreshingly frank and unaffected, he loves a chat and concedes that he's often hyper.
    • Still, his charm and unaffected eccentricity are infectious, and we enjoy his chat.
    • Her later works are sometimes diffuse and sententious, without the unaffected charm of her pre-war books.
  • 2

    (not damaged, hurt)
    no afectado
    few families will be unaffected by the closure habrá pocas familias que no se vean afectadas por el cierre
    • Oddly, its performance seems unaffected by whether it's loaded.
    • But the driver seemed to be unaffected by the afternoon sun or the constant honking from behind.
    • To account for this effect, when there was more than one unaffected sibling we selected the one furthest in age from the index case.
    • As the girls enjoy the attention more and more, few are left unaffected.
    • Growers aren't sure why the cotton is difficult to get off this year, even though quality is unaffected.
    • Three hundred staff at Philips' remaining two operations in Ireland will be unaffected by the move.
    • In this case, both spontaneous and VBL-induced effects were unaffected by the age of the donors.
    • Professionals and employees in industries that remain relatively unaffected by the economy can often borrow more.
    • The Gulf of Thailand was unaffected by the disaster, and all resorts are open.
    • She stood with easy fluency, unaffected by the few strikes he had landed on her.
    • The judgment of the court, delivered by Scott LJ, was to the effect that the contractual right was unaffected.
    • Even if there is a rupture in one of them, the boat will be unaffected.
    • The remainder of the country's 1,600 post offices remain unaffected by the action.
    • Police sources now fear an upsurge in violence in areas which have previously been relatively unaffected by serious crime.
    • Part of the problem downtown is that many of the buildings unaffected do not fit the requirements of a modern investment bank.
    • I thought not knowing the guy would mean I could breeze through the day unaffected, untouched.
    • Further north still, the Cassley is obviously unaffected, as they have already taken two springers this season.
    • And how refreshing to hear their unaffected expressions of delight at their success.
    • It hopes to keep some areas open that are unaffected by the works such as the health suite and some dryside facilities.
    • Their 40 employees, based at a call centre in Newport Street, will be unaffected by the sale.
    • Others have benefited from a spirit of cooperation, with unaffected companies throwing open their doors to rivals.