Translation of unaided in Spanish:


sin ayuda, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈeɪdɪd//ˌənˈeɪdəd/


  • 1

    sin ayuda
    to do sth unaided hacer algo sin ayuda
    • by his own unaided efforts por sus propios medios
    • Which means that everything you see here - every last bit of it - I worked out for myself, entirely unaided.
    • Although able to walk unaided, David often has to use a wheelchair.
    • Contact the Elderly brings a bond of friendship to elderly people who cannot easily get out unaided and therefore lack social support.
    • Bobbie can no longer walk unaided and has difficulty talking while her sister Danni is now beginning to lose her balance and her ability to speak.
    • Since then pupils have had to use the zebra crossing outside the school gates unaided to cross the busy A4 road.
    • What kind of doctors are we training who have never had to undertake a clinic unaided or cope alone with an unexpected event during surgery?
    • And so it is that I leave Frank Cole to ponder the karmic mysteries of life, unaided by my good self.
    • His condition improved until by October 1993 he could walk awkwardly, unaided.
    • She was found to be unhurt and was able to walk unaided.
    • He insisted on walking unaided for treatment, recovered and was able to join the royal family at Balmoral that October.
    • To walk unaided three tentative steps from mother's to father's arms is a cause for high celebration and congratulation.
    • Usually, once the experts are on hand it is easy to put things right, however unappealing your unaided attempts at composting may seem.
    • Amie is completely immobile she can't walk or sit up unaided.
    • It was extremely thick - my spoon was able to stand unaided - and looked rather like baby food, but it was quite tasty.
    • Ten years ago, Pen Hadow vowed to trek to the North Pole alone and unaided.
    • When the tests were completed, Soeharto walked unaided from the hospital to a waiting Volkswagen minivan.
    • The grouping of the five became visible by the unaided eye around April 20.
    • She can sit up straight, is able to stand unaided for short periods, and has been writing Christmas cards to her friends.
    • The Queen Mother was taken to hospital yesterday in a royal Daimler and was able to negotiate the three steps into the building unaided.
    • It should be also noted that students from unaided schools perform better in competitive examinations.