Translation of unaltered in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈɔːltəd//ˌənˈɔltərd//ʌnˈɒltəd/


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    they left the plan unaltered no le hicieron cambios al plan
    • my opinion is unaltered mi opinión sigue siendo la misma
    • Countryside traditions which had remained unaltered for centuries changed and have continued to do so, with many of the old ways of life lost forever.
    • The profile of the event has continued to develop since then, although its style and format have remained unaltered.
    • Although it has remained substantially unaltered since construction, it is now in need of restoration.
    • The original Eddystone eels have remained unaltered since Dave Beer first made them commercially in the early 1970's.
    • I came away convinced that Etosha was the greatest park I'd ever visited; an opinion that remains unaltered.
    • Progress will be made at the edges but the core will remain unaltered.
    • While the focus of her writing changed for this book, Beattie's goal remains unaltered.
    • Other waters available for angling remain unaltered at present.
    • Externally the building would remain largely unaltered.
    • It was easy to see why Glenn wanted the land to remain open and unaltered, full of lions, people, and other wild things.
    • The policy remains unaltered, the policy is that we are not going to allow illegal immigrants to come to this country.
    • By midnight though, the contentious page remained unaltered.
    • Others show predictable outcomes if dysfunctional patterns remain unaltered.
    • The relationship between government and press remains unaltered, allowing ample freedom for others to function as Dunlop did.
    • In this process the object remains unaltered and intact; it does not need liquefaction to be experienced.
    • Most grounds remained unaltered in those boom years.
    • The extent to which most weddings have remained unaltered is as astonishing as it is depressing, and it is to our great shame that this is what most women want.
    • He was confident all would go well and as they got in the helicopter and took off, that confidence remained unaltered.
    • Times change, locations change but some things remain unaltered.
    • Whatever happens, it will be fascinating to see whether the French line on the defence against terror remains unaltered after this.