Translation of unambivalent in Spanish:


no ambivalente, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnamˈbɪv(ə)l(ə)nt/


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    no ambivalente
    • President Clinton was totally unambivalent on that yesterday afternoon.
    • However, the anti-hunt lobby believes that John Prescott's unambivalent words during his closing address last Thursday to the Labour party conference give a clearer indication of senior ministers' intentions.
    • An unambivalent critic of trash, she has said: ‘There is a moral obligation not to turn readers off with hyped, second-rate work.’
    • Furthermore, management needs to provide clear and unambivalent boundaries to the efforts of the engineers to ensure the technological innovations and ideas stay focused and attainable.
    • Mr. Husain articulates a clear, unambivalent and positive assessment of the likely effects of globalization and liberalization on poverty.
    • Unlike Great Gram's inflexible and resolutely unambivalent tales, Gram's story is about the difficulty of recollection, the fluid quality of experience, the changing nature of feelings.
    • Although the conclusion is not an unambivalent "yes", this book shines a harsh light on the efficacy of this industry.
    • Banham called Los Angeles ‘autopia,’ but few contributors to Writing Los Angeles have an unambivalent relationship to its driving culture.
    • Women often have a rich emotional life but struggle to express their needs and wants in clear, assertive, unambivalent, functional ways.
    • Now if the Gospel means anything at all it means that the Good News about God is unambivalent, that there are no ‘if's and ‘but's in God, God's love is unconditional.’
    • By being simple, straightforward, unambivalent, single-minded, can-do, we will achieve some moral and practical control of the world.
    • I watch Mariella in her simple, unambivalent and indeed prodigious dealings with men and can't help but thinking that an uncomplicated view of life and a basically optimistic character probably contribute equally to romantic success.