Translation of unapt in Spanish:


inapropiado, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈapt/


  • 1

    (remark/comment) inapropiado
    (comment/remark) inconveniente
    (remark/comment) inoportuno
    (person) no apto
    • I have, too, a sort of spiritual gaucherie which makes me unapt to participate in any rite.
    • Anthony's point is as simple as it is rueful: laughter is recreative, but only because our fallen nature is so unapt to take solace from contemplating Heaven.
    • As one of you put it to me, they are unapt for more than just that.
    • The one time I used it, thankfully, was for my high school yearbook (where it made a smashingly unapt contribution to the book's Art Nouveau theme.)
  • 2US

    to be unapt to + inf
    • she's unapt to believe what she's told es poco probable que se crea lo que le digan
    • you're unapt to be hired without more experience es difícil que te contraten si no tienes más experiencia