Translation of unarmed in Spanish:


desarmado, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈɑːmd//ˌənˈɑrmd/


  • 1

    (person) desarmado
    • Another veteran, a medic with the unit, recalled 150 unarmed civilians murdered in a single month.
    • Instead, the rebels claim they have focused their attacks on unarmed civilians.
    • U.S. soldiers have opened fire on crowds of unarmed protestors killing scores of people.
    • Still to come here, a sheriff's deputy shot and killed an unarmed man in Georgia more than two months ago.
    • As will have been seen from the above, the Crown's case was that here there was the deliberate stabbing of an unarmed and defenceless woman.
    • Armed officers, alongside unarmed colleagues, carried out a search of the nearby area and the woman was found.
    • A Tory poster parodied his defence policy by showing an unarmed British soldier with his hands raised in surrender.
    • Plus, for all his faults, Cooper never killed an unarmed human being.
    • I was sitting in bed, unarmed and helpless staring at a shadow that was going to kill me.
    • They picked an unarmed civilian because that's always been their favorite target.
    • It would be more efficient if the central government just admitted that it was wrong to fire on unarmed civilians and put the matter to rest.
    • The government has yet to explain why its troops apparently opened fire on unarmed demonstrators on Friday.
    • In recent years the Indian police have opened fire on unarmed people, mostly Dalit and Adivasi.
    • This video shows an unarmed, restrained, female protestor on the ground being tasered.
    • Cincinnati, Ohio, erupted after police shot an unarmed black man as he was running away.
    • Also the U.S. military is probing a killing of an unarmed insurgent by Marines.
    • I can only think that they would have been even more so for unarmed civilians in unarmored cars.
    • Soldiers wearing flak jackets and armed with automatic weapons replaced unarmed police at checkpoints in Suva.
    • Except that in this nightmare, it's unarmed boatpeople who will face the mighty guns of a far superior adversary.
    • A pair of unarmed soldiers were found safe and in good condition early Tuesday after an overnight adventure.