Translation of unassailable in Spanish:


inexpugnable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənəˈseɪləb(ə)l//ʌnəˈseɪləb(ə)l/



  • 1

    (fortress) inexpugnable
    (arguments) irrefutable
    (arguments) irrebatible
    (reputation) incuestionable
    (right) inalienable
    his position is unassailable su posición es invulnerable
    • Julie Walters is on unassailable form as an irascible retired actress in a bitter-sweet, very British comedy drama.
    • Will we be forced to rely on carefully worded arguments filled with unassailable reasoning?
    • We are on unassailable moral ground when we insist on the Kashmiri right of self-determination.
    • Sim converted his own try, as well as Osborne's second, to secure what proved an unassailable lead for the home side.
    • You have stepped on the toes of the Holy People, the unassailable people, the people you can't criticize or God help you!
    • With a week of this year's Tour remaining, Armstrong is now in pole position and appears unassailable.
    • This year, however, we need to take a fresh look at previously unassailable tactics and tools.
    • Perched on a rock precipice, the site is unassailable from three sides, with a vertiginous 1000 feet drop at one end.
    • By the second half, the York side dominated possession and extended a lead into an unassailable margin.
    • India has an unassailable position at the head of the world's poverty league.
    • This electoral demography provides an unassailable base for a dependency culture that dominates the political process.
    • We are in a cheap restaurant in a middle-of-nowhere town in Nevada that just happens to have one, unassailable attraction.
    • The house analogy, or some other similar paradigm, is simply unassailable fact in microcosm.
    • Racial diversity has been put forward by many liberals and conservatives as an unassailable goal.
    • Critical judgements that look so right, so unassailable today, may well be discarded.
    • Most laddish rock bands cultivate an unassailable attitude before they've even pressed their first promo.
    • The game was won in the first half which saw The Island build up what proved to be an unassailable eight points lead.
    • As regards the ratio of the Shah Bano case, it was indeed unassailable.
    • Dyson fired seven birdies for a six-under-par 65 that swept him into what proved an unassailable lead.
    • His landslide election victories, and his personal popularity in Middle England, made him look unassailable.