Translation of unassuming in Spanish:


sencillo, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnəˈsjuːmɪŋ//ˌənəˈsumɪŋ/


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    sin pretensiones
    he's a mild, unassuming little man es un hombrecillo apocado y modesto
    • He was a quiet unassuming man with simple tastes and was dedicated to his greyhounds and track.
    • Her modest and unassuming manner is admirable and in a way is one of the reasons why the volunteers go out of their way to help.
    • He was not a tall man nor heavily muscled, and his clothes were simple and unassuming.
    • Filmmakers that have done that in the past in a very unassuming and humble way inspire me the most.
    • A humble and unassuming man, he might have been embarrassed by his obituary accolades.
    • The invitation to the occasion is so unassuming, giving it a personal touch.
    • By producing his autobiography, modest, unassuming Tom hopes he has scored a point.
    • Known for his humble and unassuming style he often wears his customary hooded brown robe and sandals.
    • He was a shy child and a modest, unassuming man who valued friendships.
    • She was modest and unassuming and an eloquent speaker on social and literary matters.
    • I have to say that he was a thoroughly nice bloke, genuinely modest and unassuming.
    • His presence is always so welcome and especially his warm, genuine and unassuming manner.
    • As for Ken Morrison, I have twice fleetingly met him and found him to be a modest and unassuming person.
    • This unassuming film has reservoirs of riches that have transfixed me three times now.
    • Despite his many achievements he remained humble and unassuming with a good sense of humour.
    • A gentle, unassuming film, Marion Bridge will likely surprise many viewers.
    • A quiet and unassuming man his untimely death was occasioned by much sadness.
    • Jimmy had another bestseller on his list and such an unassuming and modest person deserved it.
    • He is an unassuming man, devoid of arrogance, a few years too old to be called a prodigy.
    • In his modest, unassuming way, he prefers to let his students do the talking for him.