Translation of unattended in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌənəˈtɛndəd//ʌnəˈtɛndɪd/


  • 1

    (unwatched, unsupervised)
    to leave sb unattended dejar a algn solo
    • don't leave your luggage unattended no deje su equipaje desatendido en ningún momento
    • the children were left unattended in the park dejaron a los niños solos en el parque
  • 2

    (not dealt with)
    the casualties were left unattended for hours los heridos no recibieron atención hasta horas más tarde
    • Now there is no excuse for doggy's message to be left unattended.
    • Have we ever looked at human lives and felt our hearts break, not because of the sins committed but because of the potential left unattended?
    • Yet we know that not even the best technology, unattended, stands a chance against the slow grind of nature.
    • In both cases, significant constituencies had been left to rot, unattended, and they'd had enough.
    • It was a terrible situation that eventually could prove fatal if left unattended, at least in her situation.
    • Though it was only a mock event, no aspect was left unattended.
    • The News also called repeatedly at the Lherre Artepe office in Leichhardt Terrace but it was unattended each time.
    • And if bedsores are left unattended, she tells me, they can get so bad you can put your fist in them.
    • The result will be a world that muddles along, with the constant danger that unattended problems will flare up disastrously.
    • Melodies are left unattended to wither and die in the heat of the lights, and perish they almost inevitably do.
    • Questions of an Australian sovereign state, and our national flag, remain unanswered and unattended.
    • For whilst we may have been away for half a year, Dayorama has not been left entirely unattended and we've been averaging a steady number of hits every day.