Translation of unauthenticated in Spanish:


sin autenticar, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnɔːˈθɛntɪkeɪtɪd//ˌənɔˈθɛn(t)əˌkeɪdəd/


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    sin autenticar
    • One problem is how to securely offer Internet services to unauthenticated guests without giving them access to the internal LAN.
    • Editors skittish about that advice might consider that they've been presenting unauthenticated citizen content for many years in the form of ‘man on the street’ interviews.
    • On the other hand, there are lots and lots of ways to make DCOM applications insecure, so maybe one of them is just waiting for somebody to send it an entirely unauthenticated request to overwrite selected files on my hard disk.
    • These vulnerabilities, details of which are available here, could allow an unauthenticated user to prevent other users from connecting to a database.
    • Mapes went on to defend the unauthenticated documents and the story saying, ‘It is noteworthy that the panel did not conclude these documents are false.’
    • Hearsay doesn't count and unauthenticated photographs don't count.
    • Allowing SMTP, especially to unauthenticated users, can be dangerous because it could help a spammer connect to your network.
    • Just last year, pinkos raised a stink over the NCERT's deleting of certain offensive and unauthenticated assertions from history books.
    • In 1102, the council of Westminster forbade the veneration of wells, along with ‘the bodies of the dead’, presumably a reference to unauthenticated relics, without episcopal licence.
    • The identity of the branchiobdellidans found on Blue crabs from the Gulf of Mexico remain unauthenticated.
    • The methods are secure against off-line dictionary attack and incorporate an otherwise unauthenticated public key distribution system.
    • Authenticated items usually go for about twice as much as unauthenticated items.
    • The ITU however - the foremost communications organisation in the world - remains unauthenticated and as such is on lock.
    • The school's network group had a policy of ‘no unauthenticated devices’ on the WLAN, so one of the professors just set up a little access point and hid it behind a few books in the office.
    • I personally saw this at work in 1969, when an unauthenticated transmission caused 69th Signal Battalion's base camp at Ben Hua to be shelled, producing produced several casualties.
    • Signal authentication is the most effective defense against signal spoofing, as unauthenticated users are denied access to the signal, and are unable to simulate the signal.
    • Even more significant is that her two protagonists are born into what she terms ‘a shimmering caul of namelessness, of voices, / unauthenticated, multitudinous’.
    • I may know the underlying content of the site - and use this knowledge to expand my awareness of unauthenticated functionality exposed by the site.
    • Data communications are also unauthenticated and do not provide cryptographic integrity protection, allowing spoofing and simulation of data messages.
    • Local TV stations are ready for the panel report on how unauthenticated documents found their way into Dan Rather's story.