Translation of unavailable in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌənəˈveɪləb(ə)l//ʌnəˈveɪləb(ə)l/


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    I'm sorry, she's unavailable at the moment lo siento pero en este momento no lo puede atender
    • butter was unavailable no se podía conseguir mantequilla
    • that number is unavailable ese número está desconectado (or averiado etc.)
    • the minister is unavailable for comment el ministro no desea hacer ningún comentario
    • The branch, on the Chase, will be unavailable to customers until the end of the month.
    • The rocket runners also required a lubricant that was unavailable in the UK.
    • Any resources he must commit to shore up his position there are necessarily resources unavailable to him in swing states.
    • Their memoirs have supplied a level of authenticity and detail unavailable to previous film-makers.
    • Many women are working and unavailable to take part in the organisation and running of a playgroup.
    • With two of their taller men unavailable to play, Sutton found it difficult to match up to Magic height-wise.
    • A spokesperson for the Department of Justice was unavailable to comment on the claims.
    • A spokesman from Ikea was unavailable to comment on the reasons behind their decision as the Guardian went to press.
    • Lancashire County Council and the police were unavailable to comment.
    • As all of my mail before this week is downloaded onto the drive of my Vaio, it is unavailable to me.
    • The two flats which have not been granted planning permission are currently unavailable to let.
    • He was unavailable for comment at the post match gathering, keeping his gums firmly clenched.
    • As a result, he was put into protective custody, given a new identity and so made unavailable to Gardai for questioning.
    • The doctors were either too busy or unavailable to visit the mortuary to review the body after death.
    • Martin was unavailable for comment last night on the detail of what he had claimed.
    • A spokeswoman for Jonathan Cape said the author was unavailable for comment.
    • We also had six players unavailable because of holidays while Halifax were able to send two teams out, one in each half.
    • They must demonstrate a witness's value to a case and show that he or she may be otherwise unavailable to the court if released.
    • What subsidies are available to farmers that are unavailable to normal businesses?
    • Money has bought them one thing that was previously unavailable to them - a top manager.
    • You can have a half-empty car park, yet many of the spaces are unavailable because they cannot be reached.
    • One of those could be Hull amateur Chris Rhodes who was unavailable to make his expected debut last night.
    • That is, if documents were unavailable to one side, they would be equally unavailable to the other side.
    • Reid's lawyer at London law firm Fox Williams was unavailable for comment.
    • Among the hundreds of payments are several other extraordinary sums unavailable to most workers.
    • Which is not to argue that a course of action is unavailable to the government that would make such atrocities less likely.
    • Well, reasonable enough: the only football pitch in existence is simply unavailable.
    • The rooms have internet access, but these facilities are unavailable to Mac users.
    • We contacted the Cabinet Office, but they were unavailable for comment at the time of going to press.
    • The mistake was made because the usual commissionaire was unavailable to raise the flag on that particular day.
    • However, Mr Tilmouth has been unavailable to answer questions for the last fortnight.
    • Christina Aguilera was, presumably, unavailable to claim her right of reply.
    • Sadly, David Lynch was unavailable to direct so we hired a man with a similar but different name.
    • One is the ability of whites to flee black crime to an extent unavailable to blacks.
    • Kafka implies that this is the one option absolutely unavailable to us.
    • The intuition that the lesson was historically determined was of course not unavailable to Marx either.
    • However, because of a glitch, these were unavailable to review at the time of going to press.
    • Interior Ministry officials were unavailable for comment on the report's findings.
    • Bread, flour, salt, sugar, cooking oil, milk and butter are all unavailable or in short supply.
    • But public transport is still unavailable to many, and often inconvenient when available.