Translation of unaware in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ʌnəˈwɛː//ˌənəˈwɛr/


  • 1

    (not conscious)
    to be unaware of sth no ser consciente de algo
    • she seemed unaware of the fact that … no parecía ser consciente de que …
    • they were unaware of my presence no sabían que yo estaba allí
    • Many motorists were unaware of the celebrations and confused as to why there was a traffic jam on a Saturday night.
    • However, based on her letter, it sounds like he may be unaware that there's a problem.
    • But this is not to say that the editorial staff was unaware of the situation at the apartment building.
    • Most of the Indian consumers are unaware of what's inside those tinned and frozen cans of Coke and Pepsi.
    • An Irish couple on holidays in Bali spent the last three days climbing a mountain, unaware of the carnage.
    • However, she was unaware that she was misusing the antibiotic and that she could also be harming her health.
    • Polls against gay marriage are showing the American public is not unaware of this fact.
    • By my own experience, most people, even amongst regular web users, are still unaware of just what a blog is.
    • The world's media are, to an equal degree, completely unaware of what most people in the world think or do.
    • So people are often unaware of something like income protection insurance.
    • It seemed the tribunal was unaware of the first meeting until yesterday.
    • Many passengers are still unaware of the changes and are surprised when these buses divert from their old routes.
    • I am unaware of anywhere in the literature on the Kimberley that this has been identified as a practice of the day.
    • Many people may be unaware of the fact that prior to Kellistown the races were held at Graiguenaspideog.
    • As for history, it is clearly you are are unaware of or really understand where the roots of your religion came from.
    • Gilles is unaware of the total investment of this real estate project.
    • However, he said he was unaware of any attempt by the archdiocese to contact O'Keeffe directly.
    • The village folk are unaware of the fact that Boothanathan had kidnapped Vigathakumaran.
    • In this collection he searches for the skull of Mary, for whom he had some fascination though she was unaware of it.
    • Perhaps they are unaware of what they are doing and perhaps a reminder might help to stamp out this uncivic practice.
  • 2

    politically/socially unaware sin conciencia política/social