Translation of unbalance in Spanish:


trastornar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈbæləns//ʌnˈbal(ə)ns/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (person) trastornar
    • His threat to allow judges to reveal previous convictions of an accused to a jury in limited circumstances would rip the blindfold off Lady Justice and unbalance her already precariously tipping scales.
    • Hanks' fatal miscasting and timid performance unbalances a film that is already too careful to thrill.
    • So, unbalancing her in one direction are forces of self-disgust and disillusion.
    • The latter scene is great drama but seems just slightly too strong for the film, it unbalances what had until that point been a perfectly constructed piece.
    • Somewhat incongruously, and much to Plater's displeasure, for financing reasons the serial was divided into seven parts rather six, which inevitably unbalances the symmetry of the story.
    • The repressed laughter, the panic, the forced coughing and the exasperation of listening to Sava's story for the second time must have unbalanced his delicate liver functions.
    • Those around him worry that her death has unbalanced him, though his narrative voice is sane, if eccentric.
    • Spiralling property prices have unbalanced local economies, while small communities have suffered the closure of schools, post offices, shops and petrol stations.
    • But Depp upstages everyone, getting big laughs every time he comes on - funnier even than his excellent turn in Pirates of the Caribbean - and unbalancing the movie.
    • Mac could not help feeling that Staten had taken the view that the state of his mind had been unbalanced by recent events.
    • Sugar unbalances the endocrine system, which includes the adrenal glands, pancreas and liver, causing the blood-sugar level to fluctuate widely.
    • And this, one could argue, slightly unbalances the film - all of the Palestinians are civilians and all the Israelis are in uniform.
    • Does this also mean that it was also very tightly written, that there was nothing you could cut out without unbalancing everything?
    • I've said it more than once: recent world events have unbalanced the judgement of a lot of people of the well-meaning, right-thinking classes.
    • During this time Hanover lost their influential midfielder Sean Kavanagh through injury and this had the effect of temporarily unbalancing their midfield sector.
    • Some of the younger actors from above stairs fail to make an impact which slightly unbalances the cast.
    • It would also have been wiser if Lee, playing an unconvincing television reporter, had refrained from appearing in the movie himself as his highly recognisable presence unbalances proceedings a little.
    • My concentration levels had unbalanced the chemistry in my brain to the point that I was borderline hallucinating and convinced I was somehow telepathically influencing my opponent.