Translation of unbecoming in Spanish:


indecoroso, adj.

Pronunciation: /ʌnbɪˈkʌmɪŋ//ˌənbəˈkəmɪŋ/


  • 1

    (behavior/language) indecoroso
    unbecoming to sb impropio de algn
    • The weakness of the narrative derives from the realism the film achieves: the tigers are so believable - as real tigers and as multifaceted characters - that the film's fairytale ending is unbecoming.
    • The following day, Pakistan followed suit by ordering three Indian diplomats to leave for ‘behaviour unbecoming of a diplomat’.
    • They think it is elitist, that it bestows on individuals a level importance unbecoming of sportspeople, especially those involved in team sports.
    • Lest anyone accuse the Times of unbecoming hubris, the redesign is characterized not just as ‘gentle’ but ‘modest.’
    • Instead of using coercion unbecoming of a republic, the best way to help other nations onto the path of freedom is to lead by example.
    • IT IS POSSIBLE - though I am reluctant to believe it - that my advocacy of reading aloud proposes activity too idiosyncratic, if not actually unbecoming, for most people.
    • I believe it's unbecoming for the well off to whine about high taxes, and inconsistent for those who advocate human rights to oppose all American military action.
    • Naivete is so unbecoming, especially in the jaded entertainment industry.
    • Either choice is unbecoming of a judicial candidate.
    • But their persecution complex is unbecoming because it is unrealistic.
    • The scandal-invoking inquiry into her personality that appeared instead was both unprofessional and unbecoming.
    • Such an outburst is clearly unbecoming from a Senior Citizen.
    • It's unbecoming to say the least, and I'm not sure that he and I can carry on for too much longer without me setting some ground rules.
    • From a practical standpoint, that's probably true… but there is something unbecoming all around.
    • It's a little unbecoming for an older man to be ordering young women to wear bikinis and act out roles that might be called ‘male fantasies.’
    • The most unbecoming thing you can do is get all catty with her.
    • They maintain that Irving's conduct was unbecoming of a reputable historian.
    • Nothing could be further from the truth, and the level of intellectual dishonesty apparent in Malanga's work is unbecoming of such an otherwise respectable journal.
    • Opinion columnists, meanwhile, busied themselves penning snide articles about Trollope, admonishing her for behaviour unbecoming of a grandmother of two.
    • This behaviour is inexcusable and unbecoming of a registered medical practitioner.
    • Green with verdigris - not an unbecoming shade - and draped in robes, she holds in her hands two laurel wreaths.
    • You tell me in the car that my red fingernail polish is unbecoming.
    • So take off that unbecoming frown.
    • Do you not realize how unbecoming and unattractive these faux oxygen-sapping vocal inflections are?
    • After everyone is covered in paint (you wear an unbecoming white suit to protect your clothing), there is an opportunity for everyone to bash each other over the head with foam sticks.
    • Scottish resources have always been thin and an unbecoming tug-of-war has broken out over several of the best under-21 players after the side's second win of the season against Italy.
    • She went looking for him; found a man with an unbecoming moustache and eyes that stuck out ‘like a crayfish's’.
    • I snickered as I watched Travers become an unbecoming shade of red.
    • You don't want all your hair standing on end, its very unbecoming.
    • The fact of the matter is that the new design is unbecoming, and as much as it may have better target value it has even higher ugly value.
    • Essential for wearing under spaghetti strap vests, it has banished the unbecoming sight of curvy women tugging up their strapless numbers.
    • They are only worn at Christmas, and are remarkably unbecoming.
    • Without giving approval, Prudie will tell you what a friend in a similar situation does: Every year she picks out a piece of clothing that is unbecoming and one size too small.
    • You should really close your mouth, it's really unbecoming.
    • His face began to turn as red as hers, and a most unbecoming look of nervousness crossed his face before he answered,
    • Tugging her limp hair, and leaning forward to inspect the unbecoming bags under her eyes, she sighed.
    • It gets dirty too easily, and for a lot of people it's an unbecoming color.
    • Japan banned perms and required even geisha girls to wear the unbecoming peasant mompe (baggy trousers).
    • The idiot in the unbecoming South Sea island shirt spilled the straightforward chance at immortality and the England opener's confidence swelled almost visibly.
    • ‘Stop wrinkling your nose,’ Cate snapped, ‘It's rather unbecoming, Genevieve.’
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    (hairstyle/clothes/color) poco favorecedor