Translation of uncaring in Spanish:


indiferente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈkɛrɪŋ//ʌnˈkɛːrɪŋ/


  • 1

    (society/attitude) indiferente
    he's a very uncaring father se preocupa muy poco por sus hijos
    • Your youngster may feel it is hopeless to try to be good, that he is doomed to be uncaring like the father, or selfish like the mother.
    • Lucy is a modestly successful artist encumbered with a drunken, hypochondriac father and an uncaring American boyfriend.
    • Just how cold and uncaring her father was for that one moment in time had ruined her forever.
    • I don't want to be mean and uncaring, but there is only so much sympathy and concern to spread around.
    • His death is important to the journey of finding the father and is symbolic of the death of an uncaring father for one who will offer support and affection.
    • After a loss or a bad play, was the player concerned or uncaring?
    • I look up at him and see his face turn from mean and uncaring to concerned and guilty.
    • We are not on our own in a cold, uncaring universe.
    • Though I look just like her, they say, I act like my father, ruthless and uncaring.
    • They could turn cold and uncaring, devoid of all emotion.
    • If you explode into goddess-worship then you're accused of being sarcastic, if you play it cool then you're uncaring and undeserving.
    • His monologue casts light on the common experience of the stereotypical man who is unemotional, uncaring, and cold.
    • Or was I supposed to think that she was cold, uncaring and mercenary in crediting his novel as her own work, and pocketing all the money?
    • Well, far it be it from me to be cold and uncaring all of the time.
    • Regardless of what had happened, her father had become cold and uncaring, and he rarely had time for his children.
    • I found myself speaking to a different person: ice cold, uncaring, dismissive.
    • We are not on our own in an unfeeling, uncaring universe.
    • They are selfish, uncaring people whose sole concern is money.
    • The parents were cold and uncaring, the nuns were brutal and cruel.
    • We think men are cold and uncaring, they think we are too emotional and clingy.