Translation of unceremonious in Spanish:


brusco, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌʌnsɛrɪˈməʊnɪəs//ˌənsɛrəˈmoʊniəs/


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    poco ceremonioso
    • Which is why his protestations about his unceremonious exit from Newcastle being ‘ancient history’ have a hollow ring.
    • Both these machines had their heyday, but now they seem to be on their way out, in a very unceremonious manner.
    • Together the two teams digested 25 goals while scoring only two from own efforts to have unceremonious exits in the first stage - the group league.
    • Team captain Susanthika Jayasinghe did not appear to regret her unceremonious exit from the 200 metres sprint, but appeared more worried about the controversies surrounding the athletes.
    • The Italians' unceremonious drop to fourth place is unheard of in the world of ice dancing.
    • In the re-match the next day, the Railways made an unceremonious exit.
    • Incidentally, Shaheed, whom Pillai considers his idol, had suffered a similar fate when he was forced to make an unceremonious exit from the game in his final Olympics at Seoul in 1988.
    • If Cooper's departure from Covent Garden was a lunge for freedom, Wildor's was an unceremonious, inexplicable freezing-out.
    • His career rebirth following his unceremonious ousting from the legendary Black Sabbath was nothing short of remarkable.
    • After losing the first two league games, promotion side Forest Rangers should now become cautious with each game they play especially after their unceremonious exit from the elite league two years ago.
    • Representatives of striking Metrobus drivers on Wednesday walked out of a meeting called to resolve the dispute between the drivers and the company, bringing the proceedings to an abrupt and unceremonious end.
    • Many say the biggest casualty that Bangalore has suffered is the unceremonious exit of former chief minister S M Krishna, who was the driving force behind Bangalore's explosive growth in the IT sector in the last few years.
    • Now he looks to be making an unceremonious exit from the Baroda Cricket Association as well which he has been ruling over like his personal fiefdom.
    • ‘I wouldn't mind having Dean Ashton in my side,’ admitted Kevin Blackwell, the Leeds manager, after his side's four-match unbeaten run was brought to an unceremonious end.
    • I came off my line to close down the angle, but somehow managed to make contact with Cora, bringing her to ground, in what looked like an unceremonious challenge.
    • The latest crisis in West Indies cricket and the unceremonious sacking of the best WI talent is the ultimate insult to West Indians.
    • The announcement of Lukis' unceremonious dumping capped off a dreadful week for Nine.
    • Kerry's high-flying minors were brought to earth with an unceremonious bang by a resurgent Meath in yesterday's opener at Croke Park.
    • The dot-com bust, the recession of 2001, and the corporate crime wave and accounting scandals of 2002 brought the party to an unceremonious end.
    • The unceremonious crumbling of the soviet style experiments with socialism has left the profession of Marxist studies under enormous pressure to seek a new orientation.