Translation of uncertain in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌənˈsərtn//ʌnˈsəːt(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(unsure)

      to be uncertain about/of sth no estar seguro de algo
      • I trust her but I'm uncertain about him a ella le tengo confianza, pero tengo mis dudas / no estoy seguro con respecto a él
      • I'm uncertain (about) what to do next no estoy segura de qué hacer ahora
      • I'm uncertain how to proceed no sé muy bien cómo proceder
      • we're uncertain (as to) whether we should go no estamos seguros de si debemos ir (o no)
      • Because of this historians are uncertain about the final toll of victims.
      • As in domestic politics, when you are uncertain about the substance, emphasise the style.
      • However they were uncertain as to whether it was the address of one of the suspects or a red herring.
      • Even the Western powers appear uncertain about whether it is a good idea.
      • He had friends down there but, after the flight, he is uncertain of their fate.
      • Yet, as to the details of our life, or as to where my husband is now, I am uncertain.
      • The young couple she confronted with this information today seemed bemused and uncertain how to react.
      • His morose delivery makes you uncertain whether you are supposed to laugh or cry.
      • Today they are genuinely uncertain of their own greatness, or of how to exercise their power.
      • We are uncertain whether the random allocation was adequately concealed in most of the studies.
      • The only times anyone asked Ilse what she wanted was when she was uncertain.
      • If you are uncertain about what options you should take think about speaking to a financial adviser.
      • If you are uncertain about location, a relocation agent can help narrow down your field of choice.
      • I am uncertain how, in those circumstances, she can reserve her position in relation to the point.
      • If people are uncertain as to who they are uniting against, they seem even less sure of what they are standing up for.
      • Dennis said he was uncertain whether the kidnapping was a case of mistaken identity.
      • Frances was uncertain how younger students would view her, but soon made her mark.
      • O'Donnell was left uncertain as to what direction his career should pursue.
      • There were lots of times when people were very uncertain about the situation there.
      • He was still uncertain about the whole thing but I got him interested enough to come along.

    • 1.2(hesitant)

      (movement/voice) vacilante

  • 2

    • 2.1(doubtful)

      (future/prospects) incierto
      whether he'll come or not remains uncertain aún no se sabe con seguridad si vendrá (o no)
      • it is uncertain who will win no está claro quién va a ganar
      • a woman of uncertain age una mujer de edad incierta / indefinida
      • Now the future is uncertain for the restored Victorian warehouse with floors the size of a football pitch.
      • It was the Society's view that banks would simply not deal with firms whose future was uncertain.
      • Due to a family bereavement it is uncertain if this slot will go ahead.
      • It's human nature that in uncertain times we become more conservative and less speculative.
      • Serious business will be on hold, political time and capital tied up, and the ground rules uncertain.
      • Whether the public perceives the benefits of having a greater gender balance remains uncertain.
      • It is uncertain whether the officer will be based at the contact point.
      • The takeover inevitably led to uncertain times for everyone at the firm.
      • However, the future still looks uncertain as he has no money for higher education.
      • We live in uncertain times when change has never been so rapid or unpredictable.
      • Whether his death was caused by heart attack or assassination is still uncertain.
      • The link between violent music and violent behaviour is an uncertain one.
      • Life is more uncertain, so the task of launching an adolescent into the world has become more complicated.
      • They were released on bail following a public outcry but still faced an uncertain future.
      • What lies ahead is completely uncertain, but also, it seems, full of promise.
      • Many more would like to begin trading, but are confused about the best way forward or uncertain of the outcome.
      • The Jubilee arouses uncertain feelings, halting thoughts, though it's in our town.
      • The future of the pier has been uncertain for years and one unnamed firm is currently in talks with Blue Lark.
      • The future of this business and the fate of its 240 employees remain uncertain.
      • This all led to uncivilised evening drinks at The Local, before wobbling home in an uncertain manner.

    • 2.2(changeable, unreliable)

      (weather/situation) inestable
      (temper) variable
      the uncertain world of showbiz el inseguro mundo del espectáculo

  • 3

    (outline/opinions) poco claro