Translation of uncertainty in Spanish:


incertidumbre, n.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈsərtn(t)i//ʌnˈsəːt(ə)nti/

nounPlural uncertainties

  • 1

    incertidumbre feminine
    duda feminine
    uncertainty about sth/sb
    • there is some uncertainty about / as to his whereabouts no se conoce con seguridad su paradero
    • his decision ends weeks of uncertainty su decisión pone fin a varias semanas de incertidumbre
    • This is especially so in a profession where there is inherent unpredictability and uncertainty.
    • This time of change and uncertainty in the people of Ireland is an opportunity for the true Church.
    • After some uncertainty, Essex Police Authority has now been granted the money.
    • That's a grey area, but the very uncertainty injects a nice frisson into the comedy.
    • The early 1990s was a time of great economic and political uncertainty in Russia.
    • European investors believe the company is priced too high considering this uncertainty.
    • Ian Scott's cross caused uncertainty in the United box and Bridge scrambled the ball over the line.
    • While the low-cost travel revolution is far from over, there is uncertainty as to where it goes next.
    • He said a three-year deal would also allow uncertainty over the upgrade of the East Coast to be cleared up.
    • This level of uncertainty was exacerbated by the use of proportional voting for the first time in the capital.
    • One anecdote from last week neatly sums up Labour's uncertainty over how to deal with the new Tory leader.
    • To say that he discovers love and it changes him would simplify a situation, wrought with uncertainty.
    • So focusing on actual exchange rate changes would not take this uncertainty into account.
    • Perhaps this is explained because at times of uncertainty and change there is a degree of comfort in the past.
    • Lesser goals will be blown off course in an environment of uncertainty and constant change.
    • In this case there was uncertainty about how loved ones had died, and horrific images and stories in the media.
    • Byron's writings reach us from a time of change, upheaval and uncertainty across Europe.
    • Yet ultimately here, even an art that itself seems so self-assured hovers in uncertainty.
    • I feel a bit of uncertainty in the past few weeks and I think that the banking system is stable.
    • No one knows, which creates a new kind of uncertainty for the politicians.
  • 2

    (of outcome, future)
    incertidumbre feminine
    lo incierto
  • 3

    (doubtful factor)
    incertidumbre feminine
    • He said he saw uncertainties in Hong Kong and Macau packaged tours after the travel rules were relaxed.
    • Management do not want to launch it during staffing uncertainties.
    • Humanitarian intervention emerged in response to Western uncertainties.
    • Despite these uncertainties, Trujillo has made a good start in moving Orange away from red towards black.
    • She also explained that there were some uncertainties with the permit process.
    • I have also spent time talking with my classes and helping them to deal with their fears and uncertainties for the future.
    • Despite the various uncertainties surrounding it, it would be unwise to rule out this possibility.
    • Steering the nest egg in a sea of uncertainties is challenging - even for the professionals.
    • But uncertainties lingered at the week's close, despite a partial recovery in values.
    • Fortunately there is an expert cast to help guide us through the uncertainties and unfamiliarity of the journey.
    • One of the uncertainties concerns the basic question of how many Africans were imported.
    • What we have is wrapped in uncertainties, caveats and simplifications.
    • There are uncertainties surrounding the determination of the annual maintenance cost.
    • The lingering uncertainties, meanwhile, are putting off potential tenants from heading back to the area.
    • Odd tensions and feelings and questions and uncertainties and so on abound in my little head.
    • If cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties, then its one-day version is sheer caprice.
    • Victory removed the uncertainties created by the long build-up to war.
    • We are still living in the blur, the uncertainties, the possibilities of war.
    • Political uncertainties in the region could also lead to limited direct foreign investment.
    • Nor does it lessen the uncertainties facing business leaders right across the economy.